What You Didn’t Know about the Benefits of Steam for Your Skin, Health and Overall Wellness

We all know that steam showers and steam baths have been made use of since time immemorial – since the time of the Romans, in fact. Oh, how those Romans must have loved their steam showers and baths! These were such an intrinsic part of their lifestyles that they spent almost all of their leisure time luxuriating in showers and baths, basking in the hot water, mist, and steam and letting their cares and worries ease away.

steam bath

We should definitely learn a thing or two from the Romans. And, suffice to say, we must have, because nowadays, more and more people are taking the time to indulge and pamper themselves in their own steam showers and baths. And the benefits of spending time in steam and hot water can be immense indeed.

The benefits of steam on your skin

There are many benefits of steam on your skin, but apart from the usual benefit of making your skin look healthier and giving it a nice, rosy glow, steam also has the benefit of lubricating your skin and hydrating it, especially during the cold winter season. Additionally, steam also helps rejuvenate the skin and opens up the pores. Steam also makes shaving a lot easier, so if you have to do this chore, do it in your steam shower and it will save you time and effort. Steam, of course, also cleans the skin – not just on the surface, but on a deeper level as well.

The benefits of steam on your health

Steam has already proven to be beneficial to those suffering from respiratory ailments and conditions, such as coughs, colds, and the like. This is because steam can open up a person’s nasal passages, which is also good for those with allergies as well. The hot water, steam, and mist in a steam shower also serve to promote the drainage of the sinus system, which is a big relief to those who have sinusitis. Those who have a cough can also feel relief as the hot water, steam and mist helps to loosen the lungs and contribute to the loosening of phlegm – in fact, if you are looking for a natural, organic expectorant, then spend time in a steam shower. If you have a sore throat, spending just a little time in a steam shower can also alleviate the pain and soreness.

The benefits of steam on your overall wellness

Steam does not just have physical benefits, however – it has mental and emotional benefits as well, which can drastically improve your holistic well-being. Spending time in a steam shower can bring great stress relief and help you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. If you are having difficulty sleeping at night, you should take a twenty-minute steam shower in order to promote a long and healthy sleep. And, steam showers and shower cubicles with aromatherapy features allow you to benefit from even better relaxation by adding a few drops of essential lavender oil as well.