Sleep Tracking is the key

About two thirds of Americans suffer from insomnia these days. Not only the sleeping time matters, but also the quality of sleep does. Brid.zzz directly monitors brainwaves through its EEG sensor to determine which sleep stage the user is in. Many people use smart watches’ sleep mode but Brid.zzz is much more accurate than a standard smart watch, which only has a function of analyze sleep stages based on motion recognition.

Applying the Best Sleep Stages by using Binaural Beats

Different people have different sleep cycles, and we don’t know which sleep-stage a person needs.

Brid.zzz can analyze a user’s sleeping patterns and based on his or her lifestyle and apply the best sleep stage to a user by using binaural beats music. In this way, the user can have a improved sleeping experience.

Optimized Sleeping Pattern

By analyzing the big data of sleep stages, Brid.zzz can provide a user with an optimized sleeping pattern. Based on this sleeping pattern, a user will be able to have a stable sleeping habit for everyday life. This analysis is so sophisticated that it will analyze the user’s numerous factors like age, gender, body type, occupation, amount of exercise, and etc. This makes Brid.zzz a personalized sleep-assist gadget.

Personalized Service for every user

Most people have an irregular sleeping habits and patterns because sleeping time varies according to changes in life.

Brid.zzz monitors and learns the algorithm of successful sleep inducement for users using the auto-tracking function. It adapts sleeping patterns every day based on changes in living patterns and uses machine learning to provide a personalized service tailored to each individual.

Brid.zzz will be on display at CES 2023 in Los Angeles on Jan 5-8. Please visit and try out the product.