3 things that can hurt your self confidence and how to get over them

photo by CC user Welshsk on wikimedia commons

Lots of things can knock our confidence. From dental imperfections to an expanding waistline, a whole range of issues have the potential to reduce our self-esteem. With the new year nearly upon us, now could be the perfect time to address any problems you might have. Here, we take a look at three potential sources of worry that can kneecap your self confidence – and some effective ways to tackle them.

1) Hair loss

Hair loss is common and it can affect both men and women. There’s currently no cure for it, but there are treatments on offer. For example, if you suffer from male pattern baldness, you might benefit from taking finasteride. More commonly known under the brand name Propecia, this prescription-only medicine is taken once a day in tablet form and it can halt and in some cases even reverse the hair loss process. You can find out more about the treatment by speaking to your doctor or browsing health websites like Online Doctor Lloyds Pharmacy. Bear in mind that it usually takes between three and six months of treatment to see results, and if you stop using the medicine, your hair loss will start again. Another option is the lotion minoxidil. This is applied directly to the scalp and it can be used to treat both male and female pattern baldness. As with finasteride, it can take several months before the effects are seen.

If you don’t want to use treatments like these or you find they don’t work for you, perhaps a new hairstyle would help to ease your concerns. Why not book an appointment with a stylist to see what can be done to make your locks appear fuller and thicker?

2) Weight gain

Putting on weight can really dent your self-esteem. It might restrict your choice of outfits and make you feel self-conscious in front of others. This is a prime time of year to pile on the pounds too. The chilly conditions might encourage you turn to comfort food, and the festive season can make it virtually impossible to stick to a healthy diet. One way to slim down and stay in shape is to find a sport or physical activity that you enjoy. If you typically struggle to stay motivated when it comes to your fitness regime, consider getting involved in group sports or activities. Getting fit with others can help you to stay focussed and give you the extra encouragement you need. With meal delivery services becoming even more popular, you can find a specific boxed meal delivery designed for weight loss to help keep you on your diet.

Bear in mind that as well as eating too much and not doing enough exercise, there are other risk factors that can cause you to put on weight. For example, steroids taken to treat health problems like asthma, eczema or arthritis can trigger weight gain, as can insulin and certain antipsychotic drugs. You shouldn’t simply stop taking prescription treatments like these, but if you’re worried about the impact they could be having on your physique, speak to your GP.

3) Bad teeth

Stained, broken, misaligned or missing teeth can be a major cause of embarrassment. If you’re not satisfied with your smile, you might feel shy when speaking to others or having your picture taken. The important thing when it comes to dental problems is to take action sooner rather than later. Delaying trips to the dentist could cause your issues to worsen and make treatment more complicated and costly. If you’re scared to climb into the dentist’s seat, find a surgery that specialises in treating nervous patients. You could arrange to have a simple clean and polish first to get you used to visiting the dentist before you have more complex procedures.

Following advice like this could help you to boost your body confidence and it may even improve your quality of life.