Fine tune your wellness and feel like a champion

Like Djokovic, you too can feel like a champion ... photo by CC user Carine06 on flickr

We tend to make a BIG distinction between how we treat tech and how we treat the organic part of our lives – the eating, drinking, sleeping and exercising part. Whilst we tend to be especially energetic when it comes to ramping up the performance of our IT, it is fair to say that most of us don’t devote quite the same effort to making sure we get the max from our metabolism.

But if you stop and look at how elite athletes treat their bodies it’s not hard to see where their fitness and their stamina come from. Novak Djokovic’s much-backed Wimbledon win is a great example of the sort of stellar performer who proves himself that one bit better than the rest time and time again.

And the reason he is able to do that is because in every aspect of his life – his diet, his practice regime and so much else besides – he continually upgrades to the best, the healthiest and the smartest way to live. Since that’s how we all tend to treat our electronic selves, it’s hard to see what it is that’s stopping us from applying the same logic to our health and wellbeing. After all, who wouldn’t want to feel like a champion?

Emulating the champions of tennis will make you feel like a champion