Don’t Get Sunk with the Wrong Pool Contractor

The time and money you invest into a home pool should be of utmost importance to you. As a result, hiring the wrong pool contractor can leave you with a real sinking feeling.

Although it is wintertime, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have summertime pool thoughts on your mind.


Yes, you may have covered up the pool after Labor Day or are thinking about getting your first above-ground or in-ground pool later this year, but that doesn’t mean that the 2016 pool season is so far in the future that you can’t start thinking about it. Besides; what better way to get you through the long, drawn-out days of winter right?

One of the big tasks at hand is making sure you find the best pool contractor money can buy.

Do Your Research and Sink Your Fears

When it comes to making such a big investment that a pool involves, make sure you keep the following factors in mind:

Know your budget – For starters, it is crucial that you know approximately how much money you plan on spending for a brand new pool or updating your existing one. The last thing you want to do is get in over your head financially, so budget wisely. There of course is always the chance that things could go over budget, so know what your limit is. Make sure anyone you work with on installing a new pool or renovating a current one is as close to the last dollar on their work proposals as possible;

Research pays dividends – In order to find the best provider to deal with, be it or another such company, make sure you research the contractors to find out what they have to offer, how long they have been in business, if there have ever been any issues with sites like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), what their warranties include and much more. Knowing who you are potentially going to be dealing with and how they operate are important not only for your peace of mind, but also your wallet;

Have a timetable in place – While building a new pool or renovating a current one will not take forever, keep in mind that it also doesn’t happen overnight. Carve out a time of the year that best suits you to work on your pool plans. If you live in colder regions of the country, wintertime is obviously not the best time to schedule pool work that is of course unless you have ample money and are planning on a pool inside your home. Assuming it will be outdoor work that is required, getting a pool started and finished in the fall before winter sets in is an option, as is doing it the spring and having it ready to go for the summertime rush. Finally, if you travel often for work and will not be around your home all that often, don’t schedule having workers come in when no one is on the premises for long periods of time. The contractor/s should be able to deal with someone in-person if any questions or issues arise, not by phone because the individual is far from home;

Post installation/renovation assistance – Even though the majority of pool installations and/or renovations will go off without any major hitches, you want to make sure a warranty is in place should a problem or problems arise. It is also important that any pool contractor you work with provides solid customer service. Will they be around for any follow-up questions or problems? Do they follow-up with you without prodding to see how your pool is doing and how you and/or your family are enjoying it? Hiring a pool contractor who has been in business for a long time is also generally recommended because they have a track record with which to be judged by. Another benefit of being in business for decades is that they likely have many satisfied customers, customers you may even know. Such individuals can share with you their experiences and alert you to any concerns.

Finding the right pool contractor who is there to meet your needs and not dive into a sale right away is the way to go.

In fact, you could say it is a slam dunk when you and your contractor are both on the same page.