Top Reasons to Consider Investing in a Detached Home Office

One of the many advantages of starting your own business is that you can make a living from the comfort of your own home. Since your home based business likely doesn’t involve the need to meet with clients on a daily basis, investing in a commercial property is likely an expense you don’t want to add to your plate. As such, many entrepreneurs find the space within their home to conduct business on the daily basis.

While working from your bedroom or your kitchen table might be feasible for a while, as your business begins to grow, so will the need for more space. Therefore, opting to create a detached home office is likely your next best solution.


 What is a Detached Home Office?

For those who are unaware, a detached home office is essentially an office space that is part of your home, but not attached to it. For instance, some individuals decide to use their guesthouse, pool room, or garage for an office space. These types of office spaces are ideal because they are separated from the home physically, however, not financially.

Investing in a Detached Unit

For those who don’t have a guestroom, garage, pool room, or home office, having a detached room is a possibility. Investing in a small structure that could sit outside of your home would still qualify as a home office. While some people might have the funds to invest in renovations such as constructing a small shed like-building in their yard, others can invest in prefabricated structures. Rhino steel prefab steel buildings, for instance, are said to be popular among DIYers.

Why Detached is a Better Option?

While having any type of space to cultivate your business is an advantage, there are some common distractions or issues that you may not have considered when working from home. Below are a few reasons why it may be beneficial to invest in a detached unit for your home office:

  • Less Noise – Ever have to make a phone call and your background noise happens to be your children running around playing, the dog barking, or the television on blast? This is certainly not a good look for business, and the number one reason why it may be best to work outside of the home.
  • Fewer Distractions – Working from home has its perks, however, getting yourself out of the bed and into your work mode can often be difficult. From wanting to watch your favorite television shows, to simply wanting to lounge around the house, there is simply no real motivation to get to work. To minimize the distractions, having to get up every day and travel to your detached office is ideal.
  • Great for Guests – Maybe you run a business that requires some interaction with your clients. Rather than having to meet at a local coffee shop, you can simply have your guests come and meet you at your home office. This way you can conduct a meeting with a little more privacy and fewer distractions.

Designing Your New Office

Once you’ve decided on where your new home office will be, decorating it to your liking is the next step. Motivation is often easiest when you enjoy coming into your working environment each day. Now because this is your personal office and not a commercial building, you can get as creative as you want when creating your space. A few suggestions when designing your new office include:

  • Choose comfort over style – as you begin shopping for the best home office furniture, be sure that you keep comfort in the forefront of your mind. Sure there are a lot of designs that would prove to be stylish; however, what’s the point in something looking good if it does not provide you with comfort. You’ll be sitting in your office for a better part of the day and therefore you want to choose affordable and comfortable pieces.
  • Organization is Ideal – No matter how big or small your office space is, make sure that you remain organized from the very beginning. Disorganization can really throw a damper on your day and slow down productivity. Investing in things such as filing cabinets, folders, and bins are ideal to keep everything in its place.
  • Have Fun – the last bit of advice when decorating your new office is to have fun. Part of the joys of being able to work for yourself is being able to work when and how you want. Therefore, there is no need to stick to basic bland business colors if you don’t want to. Let your imagination run wild in creating an office that you enjoy coming to each day.

Well, hopefully this has given you something to consider. While modern technology allows home based business owners to operate from virtually anywhere with an internet connection, having a space that is detached from your home is ideal. With less noise, fewer distractions, and a venue to meet with your clients, business is sure to be booming in no time at all. Remember, this is your work space, and yours alone, therefore, when designing, think comfort and organization, but most of all, have fun.