Are You a Creative Thinker? Here’s Some Jobs That Will Suit You Perfectly

Being a creative thinker isn’t a characteristic that everyone possesses, in fact the innovators and designers among us are few and far between and if you are the creative type of person then you should be looking at working in a position that allows you the freedom to be inventive. There are certain jobs out there that can really get the best out of someone who has creative juices flowing through their body and here are some that, if you are one of the few, you could think about doing.



When it comes to jobs that require creativity then they don’t come much more creative than engineering, the design, planning, innovation and construction of forward thinking ideas that shape the World we live in. A career in engineering is incredibly rewarding, just look at Anura Perera Raycom’s inspirational CEO who forged his engineering career with construction giants Caterpillar before becoming an expert in the fields of shipbuilding and aerospace, Anura is proof of the success that you can achieve in the industry. There are several branches of engineering that you can get into from chemical to civil engineering, all of which will give you the chance to flex your creative muscles.


There are hundreds of jobs working in the media that lend themselves to those with imagination and an inventive way of thinking. Within the media you can take on roles such as camera work, photography, editing, writing, designing to name just a few. In order to get in to this industry you will need to not only study media but also the particular area of the media that it is that you wish to specialize in. Getting into this industry can be tough and you will need to ensure that you make plenty of contacts and try to take on free work and internships in order to get your foot in the door. Once you have started a career in the media then there is a great deal of opportunity available to you to forge a long and successful career.


Writing is a great job to have if you have the imagination and the skills to convey messages and stories in an entertaining, informative or elaborate way. In the past, writing was a tricky industry to get involved in, to an extent that is still true when it comes to journalism and professional writing jobs. That being said there are countless opportunities out there for freelance writers on the internet, there are several websites where people look to her freelance writers and whilst the wages might be, at times, sporadic, you can make a very good living and flex your creative muscles in this field of work. If you wish to take on a job in professional writing then you should be looking at studying English literature and English language, add media studies to this as well if you wish to be a journalist, competition in the industry is high and you will need to ensure that you have the highest grades possible in order to stand out from the crowd.