Choosing a flower girl dress – consider versatility and style

Flower girl dresses are not only fun for the little ladies to wear, but they’re fun for you to design too. It’s your chance to put yourself in the shoes of yourself as a little girl and imagine what you would have loved to wear at that age. While whimsy and fun are important, there are a few considerations you should keep in mind when choosing a flower girl dress. Let us guide you! Here are the top questions to ask yourself when choosing flower girl dresses…

Can she dance in it?

In other words…is it comfortable and movement-friendly? Can she run around, dance and play with the other kids in this dress? (After the ceremony, of course!) Make sure the dress isn’t too tight, constricting or uncomfortable. Make sure there’s plenty of room around the arms and the neckline to stop any tugging or pulling during the ceremony. A full skirt is always fun for little girls to wear, as they can twirl around and feel like a ballerina for a day. You don’t want your flower girls stomping down the aisle feeling uncomfortable and bothered.

Can she wear it after the wedding?

If you’re buying flower girl dresses to gift to the little girls to keep, consider whether or not they would be likely to wear the dress after the wedding. If it’s extremely bridal or too formal, they might struggle to find appropriate occasions for the dress once the wedding has been and gone. However, if it’s a little more timeless and versatile, they could get some great wear out of it for parties and special outings until they grow out of it and hand it down to younger siblings.

Is it season and weather appropriate?

Think very hard about the season your wedding is taking place in, and choose your flower girl dresses accordingly. Choose full sleeves for Winter weddings and sleeveless designs for Summer. For unpredictable Spring weather, have the option of a matching cardigan or jacket the flower girls can wear if it gets a little chilly.

For Summer weddings, make sure the fabrics you choose are breathable and cooling. Fabrics such as pure cotton, linen or pure silk are fantastic for Summer weddings. And in terms of colour? White flower girl dresses are appropriate for all seasons and look wonderful in photos. Or, choose rich berry tones for a Winter wedding, or joyful pastels for warmer seasons.

Is it timeless?

Are you going to look back on your wedding photos and think…”wow, that was an odd choice for the flower girl dresses!”?. To avoid this, be sure to choose styles and colours which are not only stylish but timeless too. Avoid fads or fast trends as they often don’t remain tasteful or appealing for long. That’s not to say you can’t be creative and unique…just make sure you’re 100% happy with the designs and can see yourself loving them 10 years from now.


Flower girl dresses are so cute they risk taking the spotlight from the bride! When choosing flower girl dresses, just make sure they’re weather appropriate, timeless, versatile and dance-friendly.