Amsterdam Bound: Top Tips for Packing Your Bags for Any Season

Amsterdam in the fall can be brisk ... these tips for packing your bags will make sure you are prepared ... photo by CC user cocoparisienne on pixabay

If you’re taking a trip to Amsterdam, you’re probably so excited about the trip that you aren’t thinking about the minute details of clothing and what to wear. Maybe you want to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. But, what, specifically, should you bring?


If you’re using Hipmunk to find a great deal on flights into and out of Amsterdam, you’re going to save some money but you shouldn’t be so focused on that that you forget to pack for the weather in the city and not just for the plane.

Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands, and a hot tourist stop. The culture here is vibrant the landscape is blessed with historic canals, the red light district, cannabis coffee shops, and museums.

When you go in the spring, plan for the unexpected, because the weather here is, well, unpredictable.

Good walking shoes are a must, even if you plan on using the tram system or biking. That’s because there’s a lot of cobblestone here, and it’s unforgiving in the wrong kind of shoes.

Spring weather can range from 8 to 16 degrees C (46-60 F), so bring warm clothes that include jeans, capris, dark colors, sweaters that can be removed – it’s a good idea to dress in layers. Also, bring an umbrella or raincoat because it tends to be wetter during spring.

On a warm day, you can get away with wearing shorts. Leave the skirts behind because they’re not very practical for this time of year.


Summer is the most popular time of the year to visit, partially because of the warmer weather but also because of the longer daylight hours. There’s plenty of outdoor attractions and performances during the summer, but because it’s peak travel season, be prepared for higher flight and petrol (gasoline) expenses.

And, while the sun can warm you, the wind can be rather chilly, so plan to bring something you can throw on you at a moment’s notice. Cotton, linen, and wool are all excellent choices, with wool being the preferred material. Sunglasses are important as the sun can be pretty intense. You can get away with sandals or brogues, which are a light kind of boot. They’re also waterproof and slip resistant.

Summer is usually warm enough to wear a dress, but guys can (and probably should) plan on bringing a blazer just in case you want to go out to a more formal or classy place to eat.


When fall hits, the temperature drops, and so do the airfares. Expect average temps between 8 and 17C, with minimum temps dropping to 3 to 10C. September is one of the best times to visit due to the mild temperature and lower costs.

Bring warm clothes, rain gear, and a warm coat or jacket. Comfortable boots or sneakers will be needed if you’re walking. Bring a pair of shorts, but don’t expect to use them. There may be a few days of warm weather, but it will be an unexpected surprise if it happens.


Winter is, by far, the cheapest time of the year to travel. When you come, again, pay attention to the shoes you wear. During wintertime, the cobblestone can get pretty slippery so make sure you have something that’s specifically non-slip. Another essential for this time of the year is an all-weather jacket.

Temps can get down into the 0 to 2 range, which is just enough for freezing if you do hit 0, so be prepared for possible ice. Waterproof boots, jackets, and clothing is recommended. Wool is a good choice, especially as a base layer.

Wear thermal underwear, don’t worry too much about the quality of t-shirts because these will be undershirts, more or less. And, don’t forget the usual suspects: a warm hat, gloves, and a wool scarf.

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