5 Tools You Must Have If You Commute A Lot

It is 2015, so let’s not kid ourselves, because the most useful tool that we need nowadays is our Smartphone, and this applies to commuting as well. Yes, you’ll need actual tools that you can use to repair your car if it breaks down, but in reality we don’t bother with all of that, because most of us would immediately call the road assistance crew: using our Smartphone of course. Here are 5 tools that you must have if you commute a lot ranging from actual car tools to Smartphone apps that can make your commuting easier, smarter and more pleasant.


  1. Lug Wrench, Towing Rope etc.

Rarely someone would try to change his flat tire, especially if you are a woman that has absolutely no interest in doing that. Those of us that would do it are already set up with such tools, but even if you wouldn’t dare change a flat tire, you should really have a lug wrench that you or somebody else can use to change your tire (that is if you have a spare tire). You should also make sure to have a towing rope so that someone could tow your car away to the nearest service if your car breaks down. You can also buy a complete tool set for repairing your car, but I doubt you are able to.

  1. Plan Around Traffic

In order to be able to plan your commuting wisely, you need a good app that provides an online map, which can offer you different routes towards your goal. Apps that can help you get somewhere on time help you avoid stress as well. Google has a traffic mapping app for iPhones and Androids. Then, there is Commuter Feed, which uses Twitter for localized traffic reports, and shares people’s twits about potential blocked streets, boulevards, avenues, highways etc. Or, if you are bike commuter, you can use MapMyRide, a free app with which you can plan and navigate easily by saving your route including the time, distance, pace, calories spent etc.

  1. Entertain Yourself During “Down” Time

If your commuting includes very long distances or long traffic lines where you can drive no more than 20 miles an hour, find a way to entertain yourself while you are in traffic. If you are stuck on the highway or anywhere for that matter, you probably don’t need to pay much attention on driving, so that may be a good chance to listen to an audiobook maybe? Perhaps an audiobook that is relevant to your profession etc.

iTunes 8 offers an easy way of converting any file to an audiobook, so you don’t actually have to search for an audio file. I’ve heard from people that are avid casino players how they use it to convert online casino reviews to audiobooks so that they may listen to them while they are in their cars, which saves them time at home, so they can choose an online casino right there in the car and start using it as soon as they come home. With reviews of over 200 Net Ent casinos, this site is excellent if you are one of those people. I personally use iTunes to convert stories from my favorite writers into audiobooks.

  1. Know Your Exits

If you are using highways for commuting, then First off the Tube will be very useful for you. It’s not a free app; you just have to pay a very ridiculously small amount, but it will be really worth your while. With this app you can always plan ahead where to exit and where to connect to different routes and interchanges.

  1. Park Smart

Park smart with SmartPark! It’s a free app that is referred to as the Parking Genius. With this app you will always know where you parked and if your parking meter is about to expire soon. It is a very handy app for parking in large multi-story car parks, especially if you are a person that forgets where he parked, because the app will remember the altitude at which you have parked your car, thus you will know the story of your car. It even has a compass display which will guide you to your car.