Your Desk is Killing You

Are you one of the many individuals with a desk job? Even if you love your job, sitting day in and day out can cause health risks many people are unknowingly affected by.


The average person requires only 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity each week according to the Department of Health; so literally five fifteen minute hardcorey workrouts is you’d need from a gym. offers cutting edge information on all of the major gyms near you. Now is the time for you to save yourself; stop living in ignorance and join the group of professionals that avoid unnecessary risks to their health in the workplace.

Growing up, you were reminded to sit properly at your desk in school. All day the average American sits; at work in front of a computer, driving places, relaxing watching the television, amongst other things. Our society has grown increasingly reliable on convenience. One literally never has to step foot outside of their door to survive. Many enjoy working remote and ordering whatever they desire online. With how dangerous the world is today, why leave the house!? Simple, if we do not get off of our you know whats, we will die.

Research has confirmed that people that spend vast amounts of time sitting conflicts with what human beings biologically crave. Psychologically it creates negativity in an individual, and this decreases self-esteem and well-being. When you think about evolution, people were bred to be physically active by nature, not sedentary. People generally sit an average of 9.3 hours a day, and sleep 7-8 hours, not leaving much time for activity in a 24-hour period. Like most, you probably find yourself sitting like this nearly every day. Unfortunately doing so can decrease your life by years even with regular exercise.

Fortunately, there exists a list of options that can help you with this issue.

  1. Spend periods of time standing and typing rather than sitting, as it requires more physical strength to stand and at the very least prevents you from constantly being in a crouched position. Create intervals where you allow yourself to exchange between standing and sitting, since standing the full eight hours is not feasible for most people.
  2. When you are standing, try alternating weight by standing on one leg and switching to the other.
  3. Try to be as physically active as you possibly can during the day. For instance, take short five-minute walking breaks every hour or two. Alternatively, enjoy a longer walk on your lunch break. Many individuals have found that spending the time to walk around their offices on their lunch breaks for about twenty minutes a day presents an easy workout that relieves unwanted back pain.
  4. Stretch; plenty of books out there can teach how to stretch at your desk to keep your muscles loose.
  5. Get acquainted with your glutes; squeezing and releasing these muscles while sitting allows you to crunch in a bit of personal toning time.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to grab a short group class a few times a week. Gyms near you such as 24 Hour Fitness near you offer free guest passes where you can try out cycling, cardio, weight training, boot camp, and yoga classes. You can check out the classes near you at