5 Tips for Organising Your Office Desk

Your desk at work is probably the place that you spend most of your time. We all have different preferences for how we keep our desks with some opting to be ultra tidy while others have a somewhat ‘organised mess’. It’s an unwritten office rule that you don’t mess around with somebody else’s desk unless instructed to do so, but if the colleague opposite you is driving you mad with their mess then subtly mention these five tips for organising their desk.


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Use a Mug to Keep Pens and Pencils Together

Many of us are always searching for a pencil or pen, especially when taking an important phone call with lots of information to remember. So avoid the embarrassment and make a DIY pencil holder out of one of those mugs you got with your Easter egg or just an old mug. They are the perfect height and size for storing your pens and pencils, a funky mug will also give your office desk that extra bit of fun.

Perfect Your Filing System

If you’ve got pieces of paper and documents sprawled across your desk, then it’s time to get a hand on your filing system. Clear out any unnecessary paper and then keep the important stuff in separate files depending on their topic. When you’ve sorted your filing system, be sure to stay on track and file everything as soon as you receive it.

Use Adhesive Labels

Who doesn’t love a sticky label? By using adhesive labels you’ll be able to organise all of the bits on your desk and make them easy to find when you need them. Labels make finding documents quick and easy, as you scan through short titles instead of having to read lots of text. Data Label is the perfect website to visit if you want to get some extra special, personalised sticky labels.

Make the Best Use of Your Drawers

Those draws that you’re forgetting are attached to your desk, it’s time to start using them. Many of us don’t make the best use of our draws, they’re the best place to store things that we don’t need in our immediate vicinity. Store your spare paper or stationary in your draws, to avoid so much clutter on your desk.

Colour Code

One of the best and most satisfying ways of being organised is colour coding. Whatever line of work you’re in, decide on a colour for each piece of work you’re doing. This way as soon as you need a document about the new shop opening on the high street, you’ll know to look for purple and be able to put your hand straight on what you need.

By working in a mess, you’re risking losing some important pieces of work, so avoid doing that and get organising today. By using techniques like colour coding and sticky labels, organising your desk can be fun and bring a bit of colour to your boring working day.