The Tropical Sands of Puerto Rico


Imagine the warmth of the Caribbean breeze, the smell of the sea and sparkling blue waters that glow into the night. Choose your own signature beach destination with the many prime holiday spots across the gorgeous sands of Puerto Rico’s islands.

Relax among the swaying palm trees and gentle tides in the tropical islands of Puerto Rico.

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There are many beaches and natural forests throughout Puerto Rico that paint the perfect picture of tropical island beauty. A great secluded beach found on Isla de Vieques is named Secret Beach. This remote and slightly rugged coastline is a perfect for swimming or snorkeling among the many fishes and intriguing underwater landscapes. The gentle waves and shady palm tree coves of Secret Beach are the best way to find serenity under the sun. The beach is quiet and small, so that it seems to exist only for you! Enjoy the peace of the island breeze and stake out a spot along the coast on Isla de Vieques. For spectacular show of luminous waters, head to Bioluminescent Bay, one of the three bioluminescent bays of Puerto Rico. Embark in a kayak across the bay in the night beneath a blanket of beautiful stars that reflect upon the gentle tide. Travel inside the tunnels in mangroves to witness the glowing water lit with stunning bioluminescence into the night. I highly recommend a trip to see the luminous organisms that create a pleasant aura of glowing blue Caribbean waters!

Playa Sucia in Cabo Rojo is a fantastic beach on the mainland in Puerto Rico that can be found off the beaten track of a rugged road. This beach is quite secluded and makes for a true paradise in a remote setting. Walk into these warm waters for a peaceful swim with the view of a lovely lighthouse at the hilltop in the distance. The island of Culebra also holds the amazing and nearly-waveless sheltered cove of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Flamenco Beach. This area surrounded by greenery and swaying palm trees is the perfect spot for a day at the beach.

At Flamenco Beach the fish swim right up to water’s edge, and you can spot them with crystal clear visibility! This a great beach to explore the local wildlife, so be sure to snorkel or dive the underwater reefs, spot the African seagulls in the skies and watch the dolphins appear on the distant shoreline. At night the island skies of Flamenco Beach are lit with stunning views of the stars, milkway and moon. You won’t want to miss this spectacular sight of shimmering waters when the sun sets, so I recommend you stay in town or pick from one of the small hotels nearby!

El Yunque National ForestCheck out El Yungue National Forest a lush forest of more than 400 plant species that receives an amazing 200 inches of rain per year. With such biodiversity you are sure to encounter a world of adventure on the many hiking trails that pass stone towers and majestic waterfalls. Bring your comfortable shoes for the trails, and don’t forget to bring a towel for an exciting swim at the base of La Mina Falls. Another great spot to get acquainted with the island is with a visit to Las Cabezas San Juan Nature Reserve. This amazing reserve of seven separate ecosystems is comprised of three headlands that extend into the Atlantic Ocean. There is a variety of wildlife from the forests to beaches to offshore coral reefs, so be sure to book your reservations in advance to include a kayaking excursion. Visit the lighthouse or take a trip to the mangrove reserve to learn about the local habitats and the secrets behind the glow of Bioluminescent Bay. Let the good vibes of this tranquil Caribbean holiday flow into the final day with your car waiting upon your arrival in convenient Parking at Edinburgh Airport !

Don’t miss out on a chance to explore Puerto Rico’s natural rainforest!