Affordable Accommodation Options around the World

Going on a world tour is something many dream about doing at least once in their lives. Is this dream finally coming true for you? Are you and your family headed for tours of the world’s famous attractions-Paris, Berlin, Rome? Well, a world tour is definitely an amazing experience but also something that requires a lot of planning ahead. Being stuck in some strange city, no matter how historic is no fun at all so plan your accommodation carefully.

World tours don’t have to be very costly and one of the places one can save a lot is when it comes to accommodation. Instead of going for all those ‘big’ fancy hotels that leave a hole in your wallet, why not try apartments? All the famous world tour destinations have them and they are usually more cost efficient than hotels.

Paris is obviously a must-see place and yes, they too have apartments to offer! Renting one of the fantastic apartments in Paris normally requires a minimum of three days stay. The wide range of apartments in Paris will ensure that you find something that suites your taste.  These apartments vary from the super cosy ones to apartments with balconies with a view and are strategically located nearby some of the normal tourist attractions like the Parc des Expos.

White Apartment Paris (Creative Commons)
White Apartment Paris (Creative Commons)

Is your next stop Berlin? Well, apartments are also available in this great city. Accommodation in Berlin is well suited for professionals and families with children alike and allows you to make Berlin your home for the few days you are there. Fully equipped with the necessities you have at home-fridge, coffee maker, ironing station, washing machine, toaster and even a hair dryer-you’ll have no need to go out of your apartment for anything.

The largest and most populated city in Italy-Rome is another perfect holiday destination. Renting an apartment here will take you away from this busy city and give you that special relaxed atmosphere everyone craves for on vacation.  Compared with cramped hotels, apartments in Rome are spacious, fully equipped, and comfortable and not far from all those historic landmarks you plan to visit.

Renting an apartment instead of checking into a hotel gives one that unique feeling of home even while on vacation. It is the best way to immerse oneself in the city while still reserving a quite place to go home to.