4 Great Family Travel Destinations

The Virgin Islands are one of many great Family Travel Destinations

If the time has arrived where your family needs some rest and relaxation, where do you plan to head?

There are a myriad of great family travel destinations worldwide big and small to embark to.

Whether Europe, South America, Asia, the Caribbean, even staying in the U.S., the choices are there.

With that in mind, the most important thing for any family trip is that it is well planned out.

Don’t leave your adventures to fate, something that can doom a trip from the beginning.

In the event you are scheduling a last-minute trip, be sure to search for deals. The last thing you want is to pay an exorbitant amount of money because you waited too long to plan.

Among the keys to a well-organized trip:

· Destinations – Have all your transportation and lodging needs taken care of. If traveling during the summer, lodging can be especially hard to find. As such, don’t wait until the last minute to book resorts etc.

· Locations – Be sure to scout out the areas you will be visiting ahead of time. You will want to know if there are any major events planned in the area you’ll be staying. If your intent is to attend such an event or events, you then likely know the situation. If not, you do not want to walk into a major scene of crowds and limited resources.

· Finances – So that you do not see your bank account explode in front of you, organization is key. Use the Internet to compare airlines, hotels, rental cars, entertainment and more.

Where is the Family Going?

Settling on where to take the family can be a bit challenging.

With so many options to choose from, you could end up scratching your head over where to go.

Among some great destination options:

1. Caribbean

If you love warm weather, the ocean, and sports, can you think of a place better than the Caribbean?

In the event you do head for the Caribbean, luxury and fun await you and yours.

Whether opting for hotels in Punta Cana or another area, there will be plenty to do and see.

Many such resorts have children’s activities, so don’t worry about any young ones getting bored. For the adults, the same holds true.

If you do opt for the Caribbean, take note that you can move around to several destinations.

Among some of the other popular spots to go:

· Jamaica

· The Bahamas

· The Virgin Islands

· The Turks & Caicos

· Cayman Islands

When considering the Caribbean, countless options await you.

2. Europe

When it comes to seeing and partaking in history, few other parts of the world compare to Europe.

That said where to start and end your European trip may be the toughest decision you will need to make.

Among some of the popular spots to go to:

· London

· Paris

· Berlin

· Rome

· Madrid

Whether you want history, modern day events, even a mix of both, Europe is a popular destination.

Much like going from state-to-state in the U.S., Europe offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to moving around.

3. Asia

If you like history and a flare for local culture, Asia may be the spot for you and your loved ones.

There is much to see and do in the Orient, so don’t be shy about cramming a lot into your trip.

Among some great places to visit:

· Tokyo

· Beijing

· Hong Kong

· Singapore

· Thailand

One of the great things about touring Asia is that you can immerse you and yours in the local cultures.

Temples, a Forbidden City palace, and tombs of emperors and more will give you a history lesson in no time.

4. North America

Should you decide to stay a little closer to home, North America has much to offer.

Whether you opt for the United States or Canada, there is plenty to do and see.

Among some of the great places to visit:

· Washington, D.C.

· Chicago

· Los Angeles and Hollywood

· New York City

· Orlando

· Toronto

· Vancouver

One of the advantages of staying in the U.S. or Canada is that much of the traveling can take place in a car or truck. This in turn saves you on what can be expensive airline costs.

From seeing Disney World in Florida to learning history in Washington, D.C., you will never get bored.

With all the options on your plate, where will your family travels take you this year?

Photo courtesy Reinhard Link on Flickr