Arden Andersen Discusses What Makes Kansas so Special

Arden Andersen is running for Governor of Kansas. He has a true love for the state, and its Home on the Range song. He knows everything there is to know about it, such as that the cottonwood is the state tree, and the western meadowlark is the state bird. The sunflower, meanwhile, is the state’s flowers. Located in the heart of the country, it is also Anderson’s heart.

Kansas was named after the Kansa tribe, who originally populated the region. Kansa translates as “People of the South Wind”. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, since Kansas is a windy state. After all, it was the wind that took Dorothy from Kansas into Oz.

Arden Andersen on Living in Kansas

For Andersen, there is no better place to live than Kansas. Yes, many things need improving on, but he aims to address those. Overall, however, unemployment in the state is lower than in the rest of the country and the economy is strong. This is mainly because there are so many industries to be found, including various forms of agriculture, aviation, and aircraft manufacturing. Andersen aims to build on this, making the state even better. Furthermore, Kansas produces most of this country’s wheat, and it is the second largest for beef processing. Some 34,000 ranches and cattle farms are found in Kansas, a true home for people who like to work, therefore. Indeed, people from lots of different backgrounds and with many different skills want to live and work here.

Kansas Tourism

One of the things that Arden Anderson wants to work on is attracting more tourists to the state. There are so many interesting and fun things to do here, regardless of what someone’s personal interest and taste is. For example, there are a number of ranch experiences to be had, where a family can enjoy working with animals for a period of time. There are also many craft and art fairs, and people can visit things such as the Brown Vs the Board of Education Museum, Boot Hill, and Amelia Earhart’s Museum. For natural lovers, there are lots of national parks where people can camp, fish, and hike.

If someone doesn’t want to be out in nature all the time, there are some great large and small cities in Kansas as well. They are hubs of art and culture. You can, for instance, spend time with Native Americans while they work on their crafts. There are also numerous glassblowing opportunities. Wichita is definitely not to be missed, and you can enjoy shopping, dining, a fantastic nightlife, and lots of events here.

Clearly, Kansas is an amazing state and Arden Andersen is looking forward to bringing it even further forward as Governor of the state. His heart is in Kansas and he will do everything to highlight the many great things it has to offer, and to work on the things that do need improvement. Andersen is a Kansas-man through and through and he aims to serve his people as much as he can.