How RNG allows us to put our trust in online cash games

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When you play a game for money online, you have to feel confident that the game you are playing is not rigged in any way – that you’re getting a fair chance of winning each time you place a bet. This goes for games such as bingo when you’re playing for pennies at a time as well as other gambling games such as slots, roulette or blackjack, when the stakes could be a lot larger.

So what is it that gives players that reassurance? The answer is RNG – random number generator – systems that make up a part of all online real money games. Basically, what RNG does is to ensure that the results of a game are random; that when numbers are drawn in bingo games they are done so at random, and when cards are dealt in a game of blackjack, the ‘shuffle’ is fair, or when a roulette wheel is spun, where the ball will land is down to chance created by the RNG.

All the gaming operators such as 32red, Genting Casino and Tidy Bingo all use RNG in their games, and indeed use independent companies to supply the RNG element of their games, so that their players can be sure that they are getting a fair chance – however slim it may be – of winning. On top of that, gaming operator sites are regulated by independent bodies to ensure that they are following a fair gaming policy and that their software conforms to this.

If you want to check out the fair gaming policy on a site you play at, it should be easy enough. If you click here to play at, you’ll find a number of links at the bottom which give you information on which bodies are regulating 32red games. For example, the site has certificates from eCogra to show that reviews have been carried out on the Ball Randomness and Ticket Randomness on the site. So the player is left in no doubt that the games are run fairly, and when they get three losses in a row, they only have luck to blame! If you’re playing on a site that doesn’t state clearly how it’s regulated, you’re probably best advised to change to a different site.

How does RNG work?

RNG systems that are included in the software for online games ensure that the results of a game are in no way fixed. RNG uses a set of complicated algorithms to function correctly. The principle is that a series of advanced calculations will produce a completely random selection of numbers. These are then whittled down to the number required for a particular game. In roulette, for example, there’s only one number required at the end of each spin. However, in a game of online bingo, RNG simulates the old-fashioned way of playing bingo, where 90 numbered balls were drawn at random from a bingo basket.

It’s not just online that RNG systems are used – if you play bingo in a bingo hall, the RNG software selects the numbers and they are displayed on an electronic board as the bingo caller calls them out.

Why is RNG so important to the gaming operators?

Online gaming today is really big business. The gaming operators that run the different gaming sites we play at want to do what they can to gain the biggest market share. As well as offering their players the best odds in particular games, and making sure their games are the most entertaining and fun to play, the gaming operators also need to reassure their players that they are trustworthy and offering them a fair chance. It has been forecast that global revenues from online gambling will exceed $40 billion this year so any gaming operator worth its salt will want to do all that it can to retain its customers. Using RNG systems in the games is a vital part of that.