Perfect Pamphlets (Plus More): 5 Print Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

After the advent of the internet, many business owners have been asking themselves, “Is print marketing obsolete?”

Despite the push to advertise online, print marketing still represents an effective way to get your message to consumers. Pamphlets, print newsletters, and other off-line staples help people remember your company long after they click out of their web browser.

But how do you harness the power of print marketing?

Below, we’ll go into our top 5 tips for running an effective print marketing campaign. Keep reading to learn more and grow your audience offline!

1. Know Your Target Audience

Ready for the cardinal rule of all marketing endeavors? Always write for your target audience.

What is this audience, and why do you need to know who they are? Consider them the people most likely to buy your products or use your services. To convince them to become clients, you need to show them why they need what you’re offering. As such, learning as much as you can about their demographic can help you advertise.

To learn about your target audience, do some market research. Look at who buys from your competitors. Take note of their ages, backgrounds, and income levels. Take any relevant details into consideration (for instance, a baby product company would advertise to parents, not just adults in their 30s).

Then, write your copy as if you are trying to appeal to these people.

2. Represent Your Brand

Your brand is your company’s personality and everything it represents. When you create your print marketing materials, you should stay mindful of your brand. You want everything that leaves your office to reflect your company well.

Use your brand to decide the colors and tone of your print marketing materials. Make sure multiple people review each piece before it goes out. Ask your marketing team to give each other feedback to ensure everything remains consistent with the brand.

3. Use High-Resolution Images

Images grab people’s attention. A good picture might even keep people from throwing your pamphlets and newsletters in the trash before they read what you’ve written.

But a bad picture can reflect poorly on your company. A low-resolution image will come out blurry when printed, which makes you look unprofessional. So, make sure you only print your highest-quality pictures!

4. Include a Call to Action

Don’t send your mailing list print marketing materials without including a call to action.

Calls to action ask the reader to do something after they finish reading. For businesses, these actions range from making a purchase to donating to charitable causes or signing up for events. You can also ask people to follow you on social media!

5. Add Contact Information

Sometimes, your customers may want to contact you after seeing your printed marketing materials.

It’s best to make this easy for them and have a section with your contact information. Otherwise, they may forget to look you up, and you’ll lose a potential client.

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Ready to Grow Your Print Marketing?

Growing your marketing efforts can take time, but these expert print marketing tips will help.

Whether you’re looking for business pamphlet ideas or other types of print marketing, you’ll soon learn print marketing is far from obsolete. In fact, many businesses still use it as an integral part of their sales tactics!

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