The Latest Local Marketing Strategies You Should Embrace Right Away

All’s fair in love and war, or so they say, but what about in business?

Thanks to digital marketing, small businesses have a chance to compete with big-name corporations. Plus, even if a small to medium company doesn’t plan to go head to head with national companies, online marketing is still crucial to its success.

Speaking of online marketing efforts, be sure you’re not neglecting your local marketing strategy. Now, if you’re wondering if there are newer techniques you should be incorporating into your overall local marketing plan, you’re in luck.

Here, we’ll discuss innovative marketing strategies to include in your updated local marketing strategy.

Prioritize Local SEO

“Hey, that’s not new!” If that’s your initial reaction, consider how the marketing industry evolves year after year.

While there’s nothing wrong with relying on tried and true local marketing techniques, don’t forget that your SEO strategy shouldn’t be stuck in the past. For example, did you know that updating your Google Business Profile through your Google My Business (GMB) account can help make your brand more pandemic-friendly?

By updating your attributes, you can add details like curbside pickup and delivery. Beyond GMB, you can also target specific topics and keywords such as “indoors,” “in-home,” and “virtual.” To know more about local SEO, make sure to check this post.

Get Social

Again, you could say a social media strategy is just smart marketing and nothing new. However, have you considered letting your customers shop directly on Facebook and Instagram?

If you haven’t explored social commerce yet, now’s the time to get on it. By offering your products and services on Facebook Marketplace, for instance, you can cut down the customer’s journey from search to conversion.

Of course, if you’re already doing that, it still wouldn’t hurt to recheck your social media accounts. On Facebook, you can get more exposure for your listings if you join groups that can help you get in touch with your target audience.

Use Geo Ad Customizers

Are you still using different ad copies for various locations? You can make things easier on yourself or your marketing team by using Geo ad customizers.

One way to dynamically insert locations into your ad copy is to create a new RSA (Responsive Search Ad). Choose your headline, then type a curly bracket. Next, click “location insertion.”

Go Old School With Your Local Marketing

Your interest in the latest local marketing strategies is good. You need to keep your overall marketing plan updated after all.

However, it’s also always beneficial to keep an open mind. As an example, consider direct mail. While a direct mail campaign may seem too traditional to some, no one can deny that it’s an effective marketing strategy for certain businesses.

Bottom line: When you’re looking for a new marketing tactic to try, it might not be a bad idea to try traditional methods.

Great Marketing Starts at Home

If you’re updating your marketing strategy, don’t make your local marketing an afterthought.

With the latest tactics mentioned, you should find it easier to know which ones to include in your marketing plan. If you need more advice, though, you can always research online.

You can also check our other marketing articles for more tips and information.