What’s the Best Type of Office Space for a Start Up?

When your start up business needs a location upgrade from your own home, what are the options?

Most start up businesses have humble beginnings; rather than being located in a huge spacious commercial office, they are normally worked on from our own homes. If we’re lucky, there may be a study or office that can become a dedicated space to conduct business, however just as often, start ups find their home around the kitchen or dining room table!

Working from home is fine at the beginning, when your business is finding its feet and the workload (at least the physical workload) is not too overwhelming. But what happens when things take off for you? Hopefully, your start up becomes a success, which means you become busier. You’ll need more room, for lots of reasons; for your paperwork and admin, for the stock you’re potentially making, for your growing staff, or for meetings. At this point, working from home will definitely lose its charm, and you’ll probably be looking for an alternative.

So, what are your options?

Find and privately rent office space

This is usually the first option small business owners consider when it comes to finding a location for their start up. In theory, privately renting office space is a great idea; all the space is your own, you can decorate it exactly as you want to, you can officially call it your own, personal office. However, the amount of paper work and admin involved in this process is seriously off-putting, and in reality it can hugely expensive – initially and to maintain.


Rent a serviced office

Moving your start up business into a serviced office really gives you the best of both worlds.  You’ll have your own private office space, with more than enough room for all of your team, stock, products and admin. You’ll also be without the stress and obligations of actually owning the space, as you’ll be renting it, usually on a flexible contract. Renting a serviced office, like the ones at Send Business Centre, offer you the chance to really make the space feel like your own, and any services or amenities you need will be taken care of for you – from Wi-Fi to furniture.

  1. Rent a co-working space

If you’d like the ease and flexibility of a serviced office, buy your start up team is too small to warrant the cost of a full office rental, why not join up with another small team and rent a serviced co-working space? This way you can enjoy all the perks of a serviced office for a smaller fraction of the price and have the chance to create a really social, collaborative atmosphere alongside another small business.

Whichever option you choose, the most important thing is that your new office space benefits the future of your start up from every perspective. So whether that’s the price point, the opportunity to personalise, or the flexibility, choose what’s most important to you and leave that kitchen table behind for good!