Marc Leder on Helping Struggling Companies Recover

It is indeed heartbreaking to see a good company going bust, especially if it is a good company with loyal customers and good products and service. Marc Leder, co-founder of Sun Capital Partners Inc. simply cannot let this happen, and that is why he and his partner Rodger Krouse specialize in company buy outs. Over the years, Sun Capital Partners Inc. has helped various companies in a wide range of industries get back on the right path. “Sometimes our work saves companies and jobs that might otherwise have gone away because the business became uncompetitive,” Marc Leder said.


Look Before You Leap

Marc Leder has honed his business instincts for a long time. After graduating from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, he worked for Lehman Brothers in New York until 1995 when he left to establish Sun Capital Partners Inc. Over the years, Marc Leder has come up with a formula that he follows to decide which companies should be targeted. “Before we buy a company, we make sure of three things,” he advised. “First, that it’s a business where we can make a difference through our operational expertise. Second, there is a management team in place or available to partner with us and looking for a true partner to collaborate with to help achieve the company’s untapped potential. And third it’s a market leader and is important to its customers”. Since the year Sun Capital Partners Inc. has been established, the company has invested in more than 330 companies from various industries all over the world.

Meet the Companies in Sun Capital Partners Inc.’s Portfolio

Franchise Restaurant Concepts is the biggest franchisee of Hu Hot Mongolian Grill restaurants which specializes in create-your-own Asian stir-fry. Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Franchise Restaurant Concepts owns and runs 21 Hu Hot restaurants in the Midwest. Another company, ScS Upholstery, is located in Sunderland, UK and manages 96 branches for selling sofas in the middle market upholstery retail sector, supported by 11 distribution centers to provide affordable products and great service. The Gem Shopping Network, on the other hand, is a 24 hour live TV network for the sales of unique colored gemstones and jewelry with loyal customers that keep themselves up to date by catching the show on satellite, cable and internet.

In the End, Answer These Three Questions

Marc Leder firmly believes in doing your due diligence and a lot of importance on market research. In the end, though, he likes to condense everything into three short questions:

1). Would Sun Capital Partners Inc. be able to make a difference to this company?

2). Does the company already have a management team that is willing to cooperate with Sun Capital Partners Inc.?

3). Is the company a market leader with a loyal customer base?

If the answer to each question is a resounding ‘yes’, then Marc Leder would go ahead and give his one hundred percent.