More Businesses Seeing the Value in Renting Social Media

When you’re in the business of renting out different products and/or services, your marketing and advertising initiatives prove all so critical.

If you have stellar marketing and advertising campaigns in place, your products and/or services can take off in a matter of no time.


On the other side of the equation, lackluster marketing and advertising efforts can leave your brand stuck in neutral.

Given which side of the equation you likely want to be on, how much time and effort are you placing into marketing and advertising your brand?

Tell the World About Your Brand

So that you can maximize any and all campaigns you do, never leave out the social component to your works.

For starters, how active are you currently on the major social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest?

Breaking them down one-by-one, keep in mind that they all bring something to the table, giving you and countless other brands the opportunity to tell the world all about what you have to offer.

Here are those social sites (in no particular order to their worldwide rank and appeal for businesses) and how your business can take advantage of them:

  • Facebook – The king of all social networking sites, Facebook has multiple opportunities for B2B marketing and advertising galore. Whether you are looking to promote office supplies, legal services for companies, machinery such as a magnetic drill rental, office space rentals, it truly doesn’t matter. Always remember that Facebook is a great vehicle to do just that. Countless businesses use their Facebook pages not only to share interesting items about their brands, but also what is going on generally in their respective industries. Facebook can/should also be utilized in offering prospective buyers deals, deals that they will have trouble finding elsewhere. You can also run polls on Facebook to get a feel for the pulse of your industry. With more than a billion members around the globe, Facebook still remains far and away the top social site for business and personal means;
  • Instagram – They say sometimes that a picture tells a thousand words. When it comes to Instagram, you could definitely make that case for this fast-growing social venue. As great as your company’s story may be when you tell it in words, images sometimes tell a story all on their own. Not too long ago, Instagram surpassed Twitter as the second-ranking social media venue for users. Not surprisingly, many more businesses have gotten wind of this, turning to the site to post pictures that will clearly describe their brands. Once again, no matter what your businesses is trying to rent or sell to others in the business community, use Instagram and paint a picture. In the end, your brand has the opportunity to be viewed by countless individuals and companies, many of whom may then come to you for business;
  • Twitter – One of the favorite sites for businesses and marketers alike, Twitter continues to be a force in the business community. The site is great for sharing businesses ideas, stories, products, services and much more. For example, your brand can turn to Twitter and share stories done not only about the products and/or services you rent or sell, but also how that specific industry is doing right now. Those looking to buy said products or services will be better educated when they read such posts, knowing whether or not the timing is right to make a purchase;
  • Pinterest – Much like Instagram, Pinterest is a go-to site when you want to appeal to other companies from a visual standpoint. It is worth noting that the site has been undergoing a “design” change for the last number of months. This doesn’t mean the site is a guaranteed success vehicle for your brand, but checking it out might well be worth your time.

Making both in-person and online sales for your business are the lifeblood of a successful brand.

When you turn to social media in these endeavors, you increase the odds of making more rentals and sales from more businesses.

If you’ve been slow to adapt to social media, take your time to get acquainted with all it has to offer.