Male-Female Friendship: The Pitfalls To Avoid

Can male – female be just friends?

A male-female friendship, everyone does not believe it can exist. For some, a man cannot be friends with a woman. Or, it means that there is love between the two. Do not be afraid, we are not going to start big philosophical debates on the differences and similarities between love and friendship. But all the same: if the friendships between men and women are not always simple, they can quite work. Here are the pitfalls to avoid if you must prevent doubt.

Love or friendship?

She is funny, nice, pretty… in short, she has everything, but you cannot imagine this woman, undeniable qualities, one day becoming your lover. Is this a reason for not being interested in her? No, quite the contrary. By getting to know her, she might as well become a good friend and why not, an excellent friend with whom you will spend unforgettable moments.

Teach gentlemen that a meeting with a woman can be purely friendly and devoid of any sexual intent. It’s not a crime not to flirt with a woman. Some will be lovers and others girlfriends. It’s only a question of feeling and a love affair, of course.

As Brother And Sister

In this kind of friendly relationship, we are never far from the fraternal relationship. Between you, it’s a bit like a brother and a sister. You have a great complicity, you can talk about everything, without any embarrassment: sex, intimate problems or much lighter subjects. No complex or apprehension, you can simply be yourself.

With her, you have not only the advice of a friend, but in addition female advice. And who better than a woman to teach you to understand women? Besides, reciprocity is in order. You also guide her in her doubts, comfort her, encourage her and you are proud of her. But from friendship to love, there is only one step and this tenderness can sometimes drift towards a deep love.

Love Is Never Far

If you both realized that you felt love and not friendship, that’s fine, but when it’s not reciprocal, everything gets complicated. Some men admit that they have never managed to maintain a friendship with a woman. “There is always one who loves more than the other,” they say. Is it true? This is obviously specific to each relationship and to make a generality would be an easy shortcut.

The possibility of a friendship between men and women is very recent in our society. Half a century ago, seeing a woman dating a man who was not her husband was totally incongruous! The workings of these relationships are still mysterious and there is no secret recipe for keeping a beautiful friendship with a woman or turning her into a romantic relationship.

A Friendship That Can Scare Others

Friends you have plenty but there is one that holds a special place in your heart, the best girlfriend that all men dream to have. Between you, neither sex nor dispute to taint your relationship. But here you are, you are both single and would like that to change. Such complicity can scare you from the outside and leave no room for someone else to enter your life.

Start out in groups and not two of you, leaving room for meetings. And when you meet someone, there is no issue of jealousy. We must accept to take less space in the life of the other to be able to continue the relationship. And there is no secret: if everyone puts his, we win two more friends!