Dating More Than One Partner at a Time

We live in the golden days of dating, thanks to the magic of the internet and the many dating websites which are flourishing every day; all accessible to the tip of our fingers. As we see that traditional coupling doesn’t always work, a lot of us have decided that we don’t necessarily want to be in a relationship; favouring casual encounters with one or more partners. But is this approach even realistic, can we actually have more than one partner and get away with it? Let’s find out!


Plenty of naughty daters out there

The first thing to know is that there are many people out there just looking for a bit of casual fun, and they are not so fussed about whether or not we have other partners just as long as we stay protected. This might sound too good to be true, but you can check out casual dating websites and see for yourself. Click here to find out and you will see that not only those sites do exist but also that they are indeed very popular with both men and women; showing that sex is much more accepted now than ever before.

Strangers are best

The reason we’re mentioning about those naughty dating websites is because we believe that the best people to have fun with are people you don’t know well, or at least are not your friends or part of your social circles. Basically it comes down to this: sleeping with friends never ends well, as emotions always take the better of us. Just because you want to have fun doesn’t mean you should lose the people around you, and that is why we recommend that you keep your adventures separate from your social life.

Special buddies?

You’ve heard the ‘f-buddy’ expression before, but is it something you’ve actually considered? After all having one or more person that you can call when the mood strikes seems like the best compromise doesn’t it? It’s the best of both worlds: you can have fun with them and they will leave you alone once the fun has taken place. Furthermore, having special partners means that you can try things in bed you wouldn’t dare to do with a girlfriend or even a friend; so what is effectively happening is that you are giving your naughty side some privacy. After all, no one wants their dirty laundry to be aired out in public.

Safety is key

The bottom line when having naughty escapades will different partners is this: you have to use protection, there is no way around this. After all, you don’t always know what your partners have been up to or where they’ve been; and the same goes for them about your side activities. Sharing the love and the naughtiness is great, let’s just make sure you don’t share other unwanted side effects! So if you’re looking at having multiple partners, just take your time to find the right people, keep your head together and you will have all the best fun in the world!