Traveling with Friends – What Not to Do


Traveling with friends can be a great way to create memories with the people you care about, to see the world with kindred spirits, and to save a bit of money at the same time.  However, it can also be an experience that leaves everyone with frayed nerves, lingering irritations and a negative impression.  At times, the traveling habits of even our closest friends can become too much to bear – here are some things to avoid while traveling with friends.

Getting Drunk

Without question, for many people a few drinks while watching the sun go down from a roof top bar in an exotic city might be a great way to spend the evening with friends.  But when a few drinks turn into a few too many it can create some real problems for your traveling buddies.  At home in the local pub it is bad enough to try to take care of a too-drunk-to-walk friend, but in a foreign country it will be even more difficult.  If your friends don’t speak the local language it can be difficult for them to get help if needed (or even to make apologies to the person at the next table whom you have offended all evening).  There may be laws about public drunkenness that they need to shield you from. And let’s face it – no one wants to waste a valuable travel day while you recuperate from a self-inflicted hangover.

Dominating the Agenda

Traveling with friends can be really exciting if everyone keeps an open mind.  Different people will have different ideas about what they want to see and do while traveling and you may be surprised to find yourself enjoying something that you did not plan to do.  Letting everyone have a say in how the day will unfold is necessary to avoid tension and resentment.  Don’t be the person who is always calling the shots, or is resisting the suggestions of people you are travelling with.  This can extend to big choices like what city to visit next, or to smaller but daily decisions about where to eat – if you are a vegan, consider a salad rather than insisting your friends go to a vegan restaurant every night.  If you are a smoker, look into vape kits before you go so that you are not limited in your choices about where to eat or stay. Otherwise, you may find that your friends decide to break away without you.

Being Negative

Things do not always work out as expected when traveling.  Trains are missed, storms happen, money is lost, and meals are terrible and overpriced. However, you definitely do not want to be that person who is always pointing everything that has gone wrong or could have been better.  No one wants to be around a constantly negative person, and you may find that your friends tire of your complaining very quickly and begin complaining about you! Strive instead for positivity, and your friends will thank you!

The best strategy when traveling with friends to treat them and their interests with respect and enthusiasm.  No matter where you are a going, you will be there with the people that are important to you, so try to focus on creating a positive experience for all.