Low Cost High Impact Upgrades Any Homeowner Can Make

Owning your own home provides a great opportunity to make your living space the way you want it. You can aim for comfortable beautiful and safe in the exact style you love.

Many homeowners undertake large home renovations but often find afterward that the effect was not as anticipated. This often follows tens of thousands of dollars spent on renovations. They can also sometimes find that even with the money spent there is still something missing. The thing missing in this case is often a small but impactful upgrade. Here are two of those upgrades that might make the difference in the look of your home. Try them first before you do something costly or add them if something is not clicking perfectly for you with your home rehab. You will also get the benefit of improving the safety of your home.

High Quality Outdoor Lighting

Your home can look great anytime day or night but only at night if people can actually see it. This is why so many homeowners are now investing in high quality outdoor lighting. The use of outdoor lighting can be both strategic for the sake of beautifying your home and for safety as well.

Outdoor lighting can be used strategically to highlight certain areas of your home. Perhaps you have a specific part of the home that is beautiful at night and that has its beauty enhanced with lighting. You can utilize different types of lights from warm glowing bulbs to strobes, to create the right effect. Maybe you have beautiful trees, fountains or even sculpture that gets compliments during the day time. At night the look will be enchanting with the right lighting. Try various looks and experiment to get the look and feel you want and watch the entire outside of your home and yard transform.

Exterior lighting is also a great safety feature. Placing lighting in areas that are poorly lit creates a safe pathway for those walking in those areas at night. You can get lighting that comes on automatically when someone is in the area and +never have to be concerned that a family member or yourself will be stumbling around unable to see at night. Good exterior lighting is also a great deterrent to any potentially looking at your home as a burglary target. Thieves like dark areas to do their dirty work and a well-lit yard is one they will likely pass by.

Exterior lighting is functional and it is also beautiful. You can choose from dozens of styles that fit perfectly with your home whether it is traditional, modern or even country. And perhaps the best thing about beautiful exterior lighting is that it is one of the lowest cost, high quality upgrades you can purchase for your home. High quality outdoor lighting will last for years and look great every day and night.

A New Front Door

We underestimate the impact of a great front door. If you think of the front of your home as a face, the front door is literally the nose or mouth of that face and it is very important in terms of the overall look and elegance of your home. Today there are so many choices for beautiful front doors. You can choose one in the most beautiful woods or metals including copper or steel. You can select a door with windows in the door or on both sides of the door. You can choose a double door and get it in a bright color that will make quite a statement. And you can even get a door a put a custom metal or wood screen in front of it to accent parts of your home. This upgrade will make a huge impact on the look of your home and you will see it every time you come home. New high quality doors also have added safety features including super strong bolts, built in cameras, and electronics allowing you to open them from your smart phone.

These are two of the smartest investments you can make for your home and best of all, they are both low priced.