Smart Home Gadgets

If you want to enjoy best of the good life at home, you certainly need to have a smart home. There are new gadgets developed for your home in 2017. Smart home devices help you to control your home.  Soon they may even be able to help with your real money online casino gambling.

iDevices Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch

Controlling your lighting is easy with iDevices Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch.  It controls the dimming level and creates schedules for your lights. You have total control over your lights anywhere and anytime. If you’re away from home you can still monitor your lights. The device is directly connected to the app on your smartphone using Wi-Fi. Moreover, you are not limited to Wi-Fi only but you can access multiple dimmers using Bluetooth. The device comes with many capabilities, it connects to Apple Home Kit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. Voice command is supported by iDevices Dimmer to enable you to have control in many ways.

The Eight Smart Mattress

The Eight Smart Mattress gives you the great comfort and control over your sleep. Through its app, it informs you how you are sleeping, whether the position is healthy for your back or not. The app allows you to see nightly data and enables you to improve your sleep. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about setting an alarm on your clock or phone. It wakes you up at the best time every morning. Even if you were awake all night playing online slots. You can regulate the temperatures of the Eight Smart Mattress and warm each side of the bed. The smart mattress has three versions such as Mars+, Saturn+, and Jupiter+. Every version is made with layers of high-quality comfortable memory foam. These layers differ in hardness to give your body the best comfort it deserves. The Eight Smart Mattress comes with two sets of controls to cater for partners. In addition, everyone is able to access and enjoy all its functions.