The Top Mistakes You Should Always Avoid if You are Sending a Parcel

If you are planning to send a parcel to a person or business, whether it’s within the United Kingdom or to another country altogether, you need to make sure that it is properly packed and prepared so you don’t encounter any difficulties whilst it is being transported by the courier service. The problem with parcel packaging is that whilst we may think that we have already taken care of all the details, there may be some details that we are missing or worse, there may be some details which we may have done incorrectly. Avoiding these errors can ensure that our package or parcel reaches its destination quickly and efficiently and will not get any damage, either. So what are the top mistakes you should avoid if you are sending a parcel? Let’s find out.

  • Avoid the use of tape that’s not sturdy enough. Whilst sellotape is all well and good for various household uses, when you are sending a parcel, your best choice would be special parcel tape which is built to be stronger and more durable than sellotape. Avoid using rope for sealing your container, either.
  • If you have to include the details of what’s inside your box or container, do it in writing and place it in the interior of the box, not outside. Avoid giving details of the parcel’s value as well – just include these details in your booking information.
  • Don’t choose containers which will not be able to handle the weight of your item. Most of the boxes or containers available today will indicate how much weight they can handle, so take note of this when choosing your boxes or containers. 
  • Whilst it’s always good to indicate that an item inside a box or container is fragile or delicate and whilst you can always write down ‘Handle with care’ on the outside of the parcel, nothing can replace extra careful packing and preparation as well. Your parcel will go through various machines whilst it is in transport, and this machinery cannot read any instructions on the exterior. It’s always best to protect your item with the proper packaging and packaging materials such as bubble wrap, foam, packing peanuts, and the like.
  • Don’t use cloth or fabric bags for your parcels. It’s always better to just place them in a strong and solid container such as a cardboard box. 
  • In the same vein, when choosing a box, don’t select one which is damaged or has already been used if you want to send parcel now without any hassle. It’s definitely in your best interest to select a completely new box rather than re-use one, even if it still looks sturdy and strong. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 
  • Try to avoid sending out a parcel which has too small a size. If the parcel you are sending is less than A5, it will be more difficult to attach the label to it since you have to wrap it around the parcel several times. Just choose a bigger box for your small item and make sure your item is amply protected with enough padding and packaging materials inside the box so it doesn’t move around. 

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