Engineer a Winning Marketing Plan

In order for your business to separate itself from the competition, having a winning marketing plan is all but a necessity.

So, what does a winning marketing plan truly entail?

For starters, it means always looking to push the envelope. When you stand pat, you risk the danger of becoming too complacent.

Remember, consumers are always looking for products and services that will better enhance their lives.

With that in mind, do you have what it takes to put together a winning marketing plan?


Content Really Does Matter

Formulating a winning marketing plan all starts with having great content.

Whether it is your website blog or the press releases you send out, your marketing content must grab the reader’s attention. Simply put, how can your brand make their life better?

When it comes to your blog content, make it both authoritative and informative.

On the authoritative end, give consumers a reason to trust you as a true voice in your respective industry. Show them why you can be trusted to deliver the best products and/or services for their needs.

As for being informational, let consumers know not only about what your brand can offer them, but also what is going on currently in your respective niche.

For example, if you sell real estate, let potential renters and buyers know the latest tidbits on the industry as a whole. Where are places selling and renting quickly these days and where is the marketplace stagnant?

For those companies in the engineering field, marketing items like a rs232 sniffer/protocol analyzer/serial port monitor may be a bit more challenging; mostly due to the fact not all consumers are aware of what that is. Clearly spell out in your marketing information what such a product or service is, giving consumers as much detail as possible.

No matter what your brand is, providing worthwhile content to consumers is a necessity, not a choice.

Socialize Your Content

You also score with your marketing plans when you properly promote such material on social media.

Take for instance sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even YouTube.

These are all powerful social networking vehicles, vehicles that your brand can certainly benefit from.

On Facebook, you can post some of your marketing content, along with including customer surveys and polls, contests, and much more. The interaction that you can build up on the world’s number one social networking site can prove invaluable to your brand.

When it comes to Twitter, more and more marketers have realized in recent years how much value this site can provide their brands.

Part of the key of successfully manoeuvring around Twitter is making sure you not only tweet important information, but also retweet others that have a common interest in your specific area of business. When you do the latter, you give impetus to others to retweet your brand’s message. In the end, it is a win-win for both parties.

As for Instagram, this site has done nothing but grow the last few years.

For your Instagram strategy, be sure to put the best images forward that depict your products and/or services.

If you do not have someone (including yourself) on your team capable of taking quality pictures, outsource the need to a professional. You want your images to highlight what your brand can offer consumers, so make sure it is shown in its best light.

Have you been absent from using video marketing in your game plan? If so, you are missing out on a productive manner to promote.

Whether you shoot videos about your products and services or your team, let consumers know about what you have to offer and those offering it.

Along with videos that can be incorporated into your website, you should also look to market your brand on sites such as YouTube. Even a short 30-second blurb on this site can do wonders for your company, giving it the ability to be seen by millions of eyes.

At the end of the day, how your market your brand goes a long way in determining just how successful that brand will be over time.

When you engineer a winning marketing plan, you and your business ultimately stand to benefit.