Top 5 Mobile Games You Should be Playing Right Now

Mobile gaming is huge right now, the continuing improvement of smartphone technology has led to games makers creating some fantastic games that sit in your pocket just waiting to be played. The range of games available today is incredible, from strategy, sports, trivia, adventure and arcade games plus much more. You can see an overview of games available at Poki, a website that brings you the widest variety of mobile games. We all want to stay on the pulse with trending mobile games so to keep you in touch here are the top 5 games you should be playing right now.

Color Switch

In this addictive game you need to bounce your color-filled blob upwards through a series of multicolored and moving shapes, you can only pass through your own colored part of the shape, if you don’t, you die. Points are scored as you pass through the shapes, try to get the highest score possible, frustrating yet fun, a great mobile game.

This super addictive game takes place in a space-like world of flying shapes and attacking enemies, you operate a small gunship that must traverse through the game shooting everything in sight and avoiding being attacked yourself. The game isn’t overly complicated but is incredibly fast paced, especially when you are coming under enemy fire, as you progress your gunship will receive upgrades to help you defeat the enemies. You can play at Poki to test out your pilot and gunner skills, a simple and frenetic game that you do not want to miss out on.

Cut the Rope 2 

The second installment of Cut the Rope is a game that will keep your phone in your hand all day and will likely suck the battery out of it at a rate of knots. Your mission is to feed your character Om Nom with candy, the candy is kept from him by a series of ropes and obstacles, it is your job to cut the ropes in sequence to feed your hungry character. The levels become more intricate as you progress and you must plan your cuts well. Truly brilliant, super addictive and a whole lot of fun.

Finding Dory

A fantastic Disney-based game that has been designed for the release of the new Pixar movie, Finding Dory. In this game you must swim the Ocean floor to connect with your friends underwater, all characters from the film. To complete each level you must remember the route that is drawn out between your friends and simply follow it. This is a great game for kids, it will help their memory skills and indulge their love for Finding Dory.

Moto X3M

Moto X3M isn’t like any other motorbike game, in this crazy adventure you must take your dirt bike through a series of levels with some of the most insane assaults and obstacles that you can think of. Ride on wooden tanks, speed through insane loops, dodge oil barrels and fly high on your way to the end of each level. The game is simple in it’s design and provides equal measures of mayhem and madness to each level. The game requires little skill to play but a great deal of ability to complete.