Five Ways to Use a Twitter Account to Elevate Exposure for a Business

There are many ways to use a Twitter account to elevate exposure for a business ... photo by CC user 21986855@N07 on Flickr

Social media has exploded onto the internet. Millions of users engage with sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, and more each and every day. Since the social sites are readily available as apps for mobile devices, more and more people are jumping on board with the mediums each and every day.

For this reason businesses, companies, and other professionals are taking the role social media has in enhancing awareness extremely seriously. Clarence Gooden regularly uses Twitter to enhance and elevate the messages he wants others to see; taking inspiration from him, here’s how you can use a Twitter account to elevate exposure for a business…

Sharing Important Updates

The nature of Twitter is to be fast and to the point, which makes it a great platform for sharing important updates. The social media service is a great way to get one post seen by thousands instantly. Therefore, using the service to share important changes, identify trends, or even ask questions makes it a great communication tool.

Highlighting Relevant News

Not every great piece of great industry news centers on a single company. Twitter allows every company and every user to highlight the different breaking stories from any industry and share them with an audience at large. By picking and choosing relevant industry transforming updates, companies can create a large following. The large following is useful in future messages because every follower is a potential customer be it internal or external.

Utilizing Hashtags

Most Twitter users are familiar with hashtags. Those “#” symbols in front of keywords or relevant terms are searchable via the Twitter toolbar. This process makes highlight or researching certain terms related directly to an industry a snap.

The process also means that accounts can get noticed by any user searching the designated term, which subjects the account to even more users. The simple fact is that well-used hashtags can help any account grow, and the concept applies to business and company accounts as well.

Sharing Images

People are visual creatures, which makes pictures a great way to win followers and influence. Photographs dedicated to a specific industry to highlight accomplishments, congratulate individuals, or recognize a job well done can be some great performing posts. Images and pictures stand out in any newsfeed, which helps the account grab the attention of the user. In short, pictures help an account get noticed.

Engaging the Audience

Social media is perfect for engaging followers. Specific to Twitter is the ability to recognize an individual by clicking a favorite button or re-sending the post for others to see, a process referred to as re-tweeting. By engaging the audience through interaction and communication, a business or organization can see the follower base grow simply because users appreciate putting a person to an organization.

Careful and well-placed interaction can help drive any social media account to new levels.In the end, by engaging the audience, using hashtags, sharing images, and communicating relevant news, any company can enhance the exposure of a Twitter account.

The more followers an account has, the more likely updates and posts will be seen by large sections of users. Since Twitter can direct users to specific webpages, the power to deliver a specific link right into the newsfeeds of users everywhere can be a huge asset to any business looking to make an impact.