The Importance of Video Marketing

Marketing has showed a vast change over the past few decades. It’s still a huge factor of getting your company, your product or your service branded, but it has new and exciting venues and paths to take. One of the most exciting and most useful is video marketing.


On Your Own or Outsourcing

Whether you want to take on video marketing yourself or outsource it to a professional, you’ll be making the right decision to incorporate it into your marketing strategies. You may want to weigh some pros and cons, including the time you have to dedicate to creating video and the style you want, for instance, casual or high end, when deciding to outsource or work on it yourself.

If you are thinking about outsourcing, there’s no lack of professionals in this field, wherever you may be located. For instance, LAI Video in Washington DC is a production company delivering top-notch video to the DC area. Look around your location to find one nearby and make sure they are on the same page as you when it comes to what you want and expect from them. Usually cost is a factor you’ll want to discuss, as are timelines and packages they may provide.

Incorporating Video into Your Other Marketing Efforts

Whether you decide to outsource or do this yourself, the important part is to have relevant, shareable material that consumers will view and pass along. Check out these tips on incorporating video into your marketing strategy

  • Use short video to promote a longer, heavier video. For instance, just as people like to read a snippet form a book before buying it, they may want to see a piece of a longer video before committing to it. Or think of it as a trailer for a film. Grab their attention and then send them to the longer piece.
  • Use video on your website. There’s a few ways to do this that are effective. You may want the video to take on a promotional aspect, for instance, tell your business’s story – how you got started, why you do what you do and what difference you make. You can also use video to show off a product; video will showcase it much better than still photos.
  • Add it to your social media. Make it easy to share and put it somewhere where people will pass it along. Where’s the best place for that? Social media, of course.

Making Smart Video

Before you publish your video, you want to make sure it’s smart and relevant. Check out some of these video marketing tips:

  • Put the right person in front of the camera. Go with the person in the office with natural excitement, a great smile and high optimism. You want someone representative of the company and what you stand for, and also someone who is confident, happy and professional, and not the least bit camera shy.
  • Be genuine. People can see through phoniness, so don’t go there. Keep your video genuine, relevant and real. If you (or your star) don’t believe in your video, no one else will.
  • Show off your products. Don’t just talk about your product or service – show it. You know the saying about writing, show don’t tell…same for video. If you offer dog training services, showcase a few minutes of an actual training session. Include the dog and your customer. Have a well behaved dog in your video while you’re talking. If you sell a product like customized lunch boxes, show them from all angles – open and closed, full and empty – so your customer can see what he’ll be getting.
  • Publish on a regular basis. People will begin to look forward to watching your videos if they know when to expect them. You can cover different topics that pertain to your product or service. For instance, back to dog training, you could do features on collars or training toys, dog health or how to make homemade training treats. There‚Äôs so much you can incorporate into a video series while still promoting your business.

Video is too beneficial to pass up right now. If you have a business, look to get some video going. Whether you create it yourself or outsource, have relevant, engaging video ready to captivate your customers.