Online Marketing for Bigger Real Estate Sales

Although the real estate market took a bit of a beating in the 2008-2009 financial crisis, the property world has seen a return to form since. With increases in purchasing power and a growing confidence in the recovering market, business is booming across the continents, with property prices soaring in the most premium districts, such as the Metro Manila National Capital Region and nearby cities. While this is good news for sellers and landlords, getting a property online and marketing it to the right audience can be pivotal in ensuring the right price for a property, as well as a smooth and seamless transaction.


Effective marketing campaigns at a fraction of the cost

Without capitalizing on the internet when it comes to marketing their real estate company, many businesses are dead in the waters. The sad fact is, word of mouth just doesn’t cut it anymore. Companies need to establish reputations online, commanding better domain authority and trust to ensure their sites and businesses climb the rankings to stand top of the results of the most popular real estate search queries on Google and local property finding portals like ZipMatch or trovit. A solid content campaign and site-wide optimization strategy is a must, while ongoing monitoring of customer behavior and conversions on site is essential to see how well your online presence is ranking.

Sustained growth from small beginnings

Even small real estate businesses and one man operations can see massive growth in their real estate activity in just a few months by effectively utilizing the internet. Getting new property listings online sooner is a must to beat other landlords and property management companies in a saturated market. Being able to command the best price can make or break profit margin, so real estate agents and businesses need to be able to be quick on the draw to find the ideal candidate for every property purchase or lease agreement.

Take the best listings direct to your target audience

For premium properties and listings that need to be shifted quickly, direct marketing tactics are still as effective as ever. With the internet, it’s even easier to target a specific pool of potential customers, only now at a small slice of the cost of a more conventional paper mail campaign. It’s as simple as setting up an email list and generating an occasional newsletter, outlining the best properties your real estate business is offering to the market, along with all your key business cliff notes.

Why use an online property portal?

With so many residential and commercial properties available, renters pursue the easy route and look at property portals that offer a lot of insight of what is in the market today. They prefer using search fields and filters to help sift through properties until they get what they want sans the hassle. In fact, a lot of property portals allow tenants to choose the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, additional amenities, or simply search according to budget. With that considered, the chances of your property getting noticed in a saturated market is higher. Include your properties in a vast number of listings of condo for rent on Zipmatch, which acts more or less as an online dating portal for the local Philippine real estate market. The portal offers specific p ackages tailored for real estate developers and licensed broker s.

Wherever you’re looking to find or offload real estate in the Philippines, consider online marketing.

Keep your listings fresh and up to date with new content to ensure constant interest in properties, and get instant analysis and reporting on just how well your campaigns are doing.