Does Your Marketing Plan Need Retooling?

When it comes to your brand’s marketing plan, how invested are you in it?

Whether you run a small business, mid-size company or one of the larger ones on the block, marketing is critical to your long-term success. Without the right marketing plan, you can find yourself swimming upstream when it comes to securing new customers.


So, what should your marketing plan have in its core in 2016 and beyond?

Review and Revamp When Necessary

In order to keep your marketing plan running smoothly, review the following and see if you’re covering all your bases:

1. Word-of-mouth – One of the best ways to spread the word about your brand is by having satisfied customers to your horn. When satisfied clients talk glowingly to others about you, it can’t get more genuine than that. Make sure that you are doing everything possible to keep your current clientele happy. This includes outstanding customer service first and foremost. Remember that your customers are your bread and butter, so avoid ever leaving them disappointed;

2. Signs matter – Your marketing/advertising budgets may be a little tight at times, but how do you expect consumers to find you if you’re not getting your message out there? Using products and services from a megasign led sign manufacturer and others allows you to put your name/product/contact info in bright lights for all to see. When doing this, make sure you have the pertinent details out there, keeping them short and sweet. Such signage should also be placed in relevant locations for maximum exposure;

3. Marketing variations – So that you can maximize your marketing options, make sure you cover all your bases. Are you doing simple things such as handing out business cards at networking events? Do you have flyers posted around town directing consumers to what you have to offer and how they can get it? Have you delved into mobile marketing? In the event you have not, keep in mind that mobile marketing is growing and only forecast to get bigger in 2016 and the years to come. With the right mobile marketing message, you can go after current and potential customers instantly, notifying them to the various deals and specials they can take advantage of. Just keep in mind that such attempts should be done with a consumer’s approval, i.e. don’t be a nuisance and always come across as overly sales-heavy. Lastly, your marketing efforts should be reviewed periodically to see what is and is not working. Don’t be afraid to tweak things or even tear-up the current plan and rework it when necessary;

4. Social networking – Last but certainly not least, how active are you on social media? If the answer is not very or not at all, change that this year. Social media offers a whirlwind of marketing options. Best of all, it is relatively free for you to use. Have a couple of solid accounts, be they on Facebook, Instragram, Twitter etc. Make sure you post regularly and make sure the posts are relevant to your intended customer base.

If your marketing plan seems to be lagging, make 2016 the year you change things up for a more robust outreach.

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers marketing topics on the web.