Maximizing Marketing: How to Connect Audiences to Your Content

When learning How to Connect Audiences to Your Content, you might want to progress beyond using a can and string to grow your business ... photo by CC user (public domain)

Content marketing has been a trend now for a while, and although it’s an effective strategy for improving business, there are new tools you can use to supercharge your approach. One of these is to live stream your content using video conferencing, providing a new allure to the immediacy you offer potential viewers.

The problem with content marketing as it stands now is that it becomes redundant. You need to keep your audience on their toes, whether you’re dealing with loyal customers or working on customer acquisitions. Here are a few tips about how to maximize your content marketing for 2016 and stay ahead of the game.

1. Choosing Which Content To Boost

Entrepreneur advises that you should figure out what type of content is currently performing the most effectively and producing quantifiable results from your audience. This means that you should leverage the approach that’s working the best and amplify it. Check out Blue Jeans webcasting services, which is designed to do exactly this. The technology that’s emerged from the video conferencing industry is the ability to share the same information across distances, but now, it’s possible to do so on a much broader scale. This is especially good news for content marketing, since you no longer need to rely solely on social media or email blasts to deliver your message. For example, if photo-based content marketing seems to draw your customers’ collective attention, then you’ll want to stay focused on image-heavy content and figure out how to work it into a webcast.

2. Understanding the Goal

Forbes recommends that in order to do content marketing right, you need to hold your audience’s attention for a duration of time, rather than just grabbing it in the first place. The main idea is to provide your customer with something of value in which they’ll want to invest, which then leads to consistency. You can’t just throw content randomly onto a large-scale video webcast and expect your customers to be interested. Instead, focus in on one particular type of content that gets attention, and also take into consideration what type of audience is attracted by that content. For example, if you’re looking for cultivate your VIP roster of affluent customers who are more inclined to buy high-end products, then develop a webcast specifically to meet their needs. Creating quality content is just as important as being able to then tailor that content to a specific audience so that it has an endgame.

3. Moving Beyond Content Basics

Although the golden rule has always been that content is king, what’s even more important according to Bizcommunity is also making your content urgent. Streaming live is a lot different than posting a status update on Facebook, tweeting about a sale, or linking to a static YouTube video of a new product. While these tactics are still very functional when it comes to content marketing, they lack the urgency that doing a live stream can bring. You want to amplify your content and make it more relevant. The aura of exclusivity also helps with this. If your customers think they’re missing out on an opportunity to see new merchandise or cash in on savings using a secret promo code, they’re going to want to join your webcast. Incentives are important, and once you get the focused group you’re looking for, then you want to make sure that you provide them with something that will keep them around.

4. Practical Applications

While it’d be ideal to invite customers from all walks of life to come into your video webcast and interact, that’s not always feasible. However, one of the best parts of live streaming to large audiences is that you can pinpoint exactly who you want to engage. For example, if you come out with a new, cutting edge product and you want to call a press conference, you can host it via a video conferencing system outfitted with this feature. Another option would be hosting a VIP preview party online to view and hear about new products. For example, if you’re a fashion house and you’re about to reveal a new line that will be released and on sale in stores the next day, using a live webcast to showcase unseen pieces is something that boosts your exclusive content to a particular cross-section of your customer base. Regardless of whether you’re working toward improving your media presence or cultivating loyal VIP clients, though, the bottom line is that you understand the value of using video conferencing technology to reach a broader audience than followers on social media or just a few select video meeting participants.

Content marketing in and of itself is a great concept. Driving business and customer loyalty by offering things of intellectual and emotional value is what not only earns new fans and followers, but also keeps them around. The challenge isn’t always how to create that content, but rather, how to cultivate and build on it. Recently introduced video conferencing tools that champion the interactive element of live streaming and are easily accessible across diverse devices are what will help you maximize your content marketing and take it to the next level.