Can An Android Mobile Phone Replace Your Laptop?

We have all sent a few work-related emails from a mobile phone and at the very least a few business-related texts, but in the grand scheme, phones have never been considered a viable replacement for a laptop. Recently, a few phone manufacturers like Samsung have come out with a desktop like experience for their higher tier phones, and this could stand to change the way that digital nomad go about their work.

Why You Would Want It

For those using laptops currently, it may seem like a bit of a wasted expense to set up a mobile phone-based desktop. There are a few main benefits to using this system instead of a normal laptop working environment.

  • Cost – High-end mobile phones and laptops are expensive. As you will need a mobile phone regardless of a laptop, it only makes sense to try and limit yourself to one device for cost-cutting measures. Buying an external screen, mouse and keyboard will be a lot more affordable than buying a new laptop.
  • Convenience – Portability is one of the most important aspects for any digital nomad. Saving a Kg or two from your typical laptop case can make a huge difference to your travelling lifestyle. Not to mention the sheer size of a laptop when compared to a thin standalone screen.
  • Power – One of the most criterial details for the digital nomad is the availability of power. In some regions, power availability while working can be a problem. Using your phone as a laptop will have much lower power draw, even with an external monitor in tow. No matter if you have a power bank on hand, using a phone-based desktop environment will give you longer working hours with the power available.

Who Benefits?

As powerful as modern phones have become and as enjoyable as it is to access Big Dollar casino on them, they are nowhere near the powerhouse of modern computing. If you specialize in animation which requires rendering or any other power intensive workload, a phone’s power will just not cut if for you. Phone based desktops cater more for the text-based workflows. Working on websites, with text or even large spreadsheets will be a joy on a phone-based desktop experience.

What You Will Need

It is possible to do your work on the normal Android interface, but it is far from recommended or a pleasant experience. To make the most of an Android desktop environment, there are a few pieces of hardware you will need.

  • Screen – The screen you select to use will be the most important aspect. Some portable monitors like the Asus ZenScreen Touch allow for a great working experience with the touchscreen display and have their own built-in battery to allow you to work for longer on a single charge.
  • Mouse And Keyboard – The mouse and keyboard you use will be a personal preference matter. The only recommendations to keep in mind is that Bluetooth is better, even with the addition of USB expansion, ports will remain limited.
  • Power bank – Additional power is never a bad thing, power banks, while not necessary, will go a long way in increasing your time working without power.

Phone-based computing work is a bright future for many people who don’t actually need the pure performance that modern laptops have to offer. If you work in a text-based environment, a phone-based desktop experience may be right for you.