Mail Forwarding Service for Digital Nomads

Being a full-time traveler is the dream of anyone with a thirst for adventure. And modern RVs and campers can provide just about every comfort of a house. Except for an often-overlooked aspect of a modern lifestyle – a mailbox.

Having the world as your zip code feels cool until you need to get an Amazon package or a letter. Many people on the road rely on family members and friends to resolve this. Sometimes, however, your family and friends may not be your best option for getting your mail. What are you to do then, as a full-time traveler or digital nomad?

How to Forward Your Mail While Being on the Road

There’s no shortage of effective ways to forward your mail.

Some of them are:

  • Having your mail sent to a professional mail forwarding service provider.
  • Applying for a U.S. Postal Box.
  • Applying for a UPS personal box.
  • Relying on a business.
  • Relying on your family or friends.
  • Using special lockers (Amazon lockers or GoPost).

Mail forwarding services and lockers make for the most convenient options, though. Let’s have a closer look at them below.

Mail Forwarding Services: A Staple of Forwarding Mail

Mail forwarding services from a website like allows you to receive mail at an alternative address rather than home address. Their pros are:

  • They will shred your junk mail.
  • You can customize your plans.
  • You can receive mail anywhere in the U.S.
  • You can use the address as a residential address or a mailing address.
  • Mail can be forwarded by a set schedule or by request.

Their cons are:

  • You will have to pay either a monthly or yearly service fee.
  • Additional postage fees on top of the service fee apply.
  • U.S. Postal form 1583 must be completed and notarized before service can start.

Perhaps the most curious feature some mail forwarding services provide, though, is mail scanning.

What Is Mail Scanning?

Mail scanning is a type of service that mail forwarding companies offer. This service allows the company to open your mail, scan the items inside, and upload them to an online account. Some companies only scan the envelope while others may also scan the contents of the envelope.

Lockers: A Viable Alternative to Mail Forwarding Services

Most mail forwarding services aren’t usually good at handling packages. For this reason, companies like Amazon and Gopost offer lockers as a forwarding option.

Their pros are:

  • High level of security. 
  • 24/7 access.
  • Free lockers.

Their cons are:

  • Shipping fees still apply.
  • Amazon lockers are reserved for Amazon shoppers only.
  • Limited locations.
  • Size restrictions.
  • Cannot be used for letters and other mail.

As you see, lockers are a superior option for handling packages but aren’t well-suited for mail. We hope the solutions in our guide will help you forward your mail with ease and make your life on the road a lot more enjoyable. We know you will find the services as useful as many other digital nomads have found them.  You never have to worry if your mailbox at home is full every again.