Great American Road Trip Tech: Apps You Need to Download Before You Hit the Road


In the U.S., one of the most popular ways of traveling is by road, with nearly all Americans taking some kind of trip by road during the summer months. And as the numbers continue to rise, so too do the number of apps that are available, helping you to plan and prepare your trip with ease. From bad weather that might disrupt your journey to getting money back on hotels you don’t need, these are some of the best free road trip apps available:


You might like to plan your road trip before you set off but sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. You might experience a delay when you’re traveling to your next destination or you may decide you want to stay somewhere for longer, which leaves you with a problem if you’ve pre-booked your accommodation. Thankfully, Roomer helps to solve this problem by letting you sell on your reservation to other travelers, recouping some of your costs. Equally, if you arrive somewhere and you haven’t booked, Roomer may be able to offer you a room.


One of the biggest expenses, when you’re traveling by road, is the price of gas, which can vary dramatically from place to place. GasBuddy helps you to find the nearest place that’s selling gas and will also tell you the price so you can save some bucks by traveling a little bit further down the road to a cheaper gas station.


Other things you’re going to need when you’re traveling, especially if it’s over a long distance, are restaurants, rest areas, hotels and other services. iExit provides you with helpful information about what’s available at the next set of services that you’re approaching. That way, you can find the best restaurants and you don’t have to try your luck in a greasy spoon that you happen to see at the roadside. And while you’re there, don’t forget to use this weather app to check the forecast so you’re not caught out by a sudden downpour.


This innovative mobile app allows you to download a detailed map of the area that you’re going to be visiting so you can use it offline. Nothing’s worse than getting near to your destination to find out that you’ve run out of cell phone signal, so be prepared for your tours with this app. You have the option of browsing all over the globe by city or region, and you can download a map or full directions that will help you to get from your current location to the next one. The maps are incredibly detailed too, even for remote locations, so there’s no chance you’ll be getting lost on your road trip.


You can find places to play, eat and sleep with this social travel app. It’s used by a community of globetrotters who upload ratings, information and photos, whilst also tagging them based on what interests they’re best suited for, e.g. budget, foodie or family. Explore the area you’re heading to in advance so you can find the best places to visit whilst you’re there.

This guest post is written by Chelsea Banks who is a keen traveler. She enjoys city trips where she can be a culture vulture for a weekend, but equally enjoys hitting the open road. She shares her tips and writes about her adventures online.