What Attributes to Great Teachers Have?

If you want a career as a teacher then it is important that you have the right attributes for the position. Being a teacher is an incredibly rewarding position that gives you the chance to shape the hearts and minds of many young boys and girls throughout the country. I was lucky enough to speak recently with Kevin Rolle, about the attributes which all great teachers possess. Kevin has dedicated his life and career to improving education and aside from his 25 years tint as an educational administrator, Mr. Rolle is also the Chairman at the wonderful Alabama University.

So what is it that makes a great teacher, and what are the characteristics and attributes which you need to possess in order to become one, let’s take a look.

Having Patience

You simply cannot succeed as a teacher if you do not have patience and the level of patience which you do have, is what will set you apart from the other teachers. You patience could be tested on a  daily basis with unruly students or students looking to cause chaos. Your patience will also be tested when someone doesn’t understand something that you are teaching them, and you need to find ways in which to connect with the student. Ultimately, without patience, you will find teaching to be a very difficult job.


A teacher’s job does not stop when the bell rings, in fact it is only just beginning. Teachers must do a great deal of planning around their lessons, in order to give students the best learning experience. Teachers must also need to mark a great amount of work, plan events and trips for the students, manage their additional teaching responsibilities and find ways to best help their students. Without organizational skills, anyone would struggle to stay on top of the workload that the teachers have, and the very best teachers are those who can organize themselves well.


A teacher’s role is about far more than just sharing knowledge and educating people, it is also about being a friend, parent and authority figure to the students in their care. Each student has a different background, a different home life and different pressures away from school, which can profoundly impact their performance in school. As a teacher your responsibility is not just to teach the kids about the syllabus, but prepare them for life as an adult both with education, and with the empathy which they will need.


Another big factor which sets normal teachers apart from great teachers, is the level of knowledge which they possess about their chosen subject. We live in a  world now where people are taught to be teachers, rather than teachers in their chosen subject fields, and this can result in some teachers gaining the job, who don’t know much about the subject they are teaching. A lack of real knowledge means that you can’t give the kids the best learning experience, and you will lose respect from them as a result.