How to select the right seeds to home grow

Do you know How to select the right seeds to home grow? ... photo by CC user _thor_ on Flickr

Have a crappy dealer and can’t find one that can get you quality marijuana consistently? Have you thought about growing at home? This article will teach you how to select the right seeds to home grow so you can get started on your very first batch of bud…

1) What grow spot will you use?

This will depend a great deal on where you live. For those living in a climate where weather conditions are favorable to the quick production of multiple bumper crops, and privacy and security is assured, planting outdoors will be an option you may want to choose.

Those that decide to go this route will be able to grow both types of marijuana plant (Sativa and Indica), while those restricted to growing indoors will want to shy away from purchasing Sativa plants, as this strain produces crops that grow to high heights.

Considering that many indoor growers use their closets to conceal their plants, Sativa-types will quickly cause problems in such a confined space.

2) What kind of high are you looking for?

The seed that you buy will produce a marijuana plant that will deliver a different type of high from other products on the market. In general, if you are looking to have an energetic and intellectually engaging experience, you’ll want to go with sativa seeds. Conversely, folks that are looking for a more laid back smoke will want to pick up indica seeds.

However, these days, many marijuana seeds are the result of a hybrid between sativa and indica type plants. As such, reading reviews about how the high is on a particular strain should be a mandatory activity before ordering cannabis seeds online.

3) If you have the chance to visually inspect before buying, go for hard and dark brown seeds

You might have a trusted source available locally when it comes to sourcing and buying marijuana seeds.

If this is the case for you, take extra care to note the appearance and feel of the seeds you are shown. If they are green, pale, or show signs of cracking, their viability is questionable, and even if they do germinate, the quality of the plant will be less than ones that come from a more robust set of seeds.

Look for dark brown seeds that have a hard feel to them, and you’ll will likely get a great yield out of them.

4) How quickly do you need your crop? Have only a closet to grow in?

Need some bud in a hurry for your chronic pain? If so, be sure to buy seeds that are auto-flowering. This way, your plants will go from the soil to ready in record time, and they will fit in your closet with ease.