Why Is Having (and Knowing) Your Own Personal Values Important?

With so many different types of personal values that exist, knowing which ones you hold nearest and dearest to your heart is important for so many different reasons?

Why? Because values help guide us through life and shape who we are as individuals. Knowing which ones are important to you will help you make decisions, shape your attitude about events in your life, and guide your personality traits as well.

Keep reading to learn more about why values are so important!

Guide Your Social Life

Depending on the types of core personal values you have, your social life will look different. If you value community, you probably hold friends and family close and love to be with them often. If you value independence, you may be less social and do more things on your own.

Not only do your values dictate who you are in social settings, but they can also help you make decisions in social settings.

If loyalty is a value of yours, gossip may not be something you’re comfortable with. If honesty is one of your values, you hold telling the truth over pleasing others and telling them what they want to hear.

Pursue the Right Career

Choosing your career path has a lot to do with what values you hold closest to your heart.

For instance, if one of your values is compassion and giving back, your career path may reflect that more. You may choose to be a nurse, a teacher, or a nonprofit organization owner.

If a core value is success, your dedication to growing your finances and excelling at your career by climbing the corporate ladder may be more important to you.

Knowing your personal core values as a small business owner and when deciding on a career can be very beneficial.

Helps With Your Mental Health and Perspective

Without personal values, you may feel lost in life. You may find yourself asking why you’re doing the things you’re doing or what’s actually important to you.

Prioritizing your mental health will help you with your perspective and outlook in life. You can point to your values for reasons you’re following a certain path or why you may act differently than others in your life. Knowing reasons for your actions can help you feel calm and less anxious, bettering your mental health.

Keeps You on Track With Personal Goal Setting

It’s not rare to hear someone talk about goals they have, especially since many of us make goals every New Years.

So what really helps us set goals and actually make sure they happen? Our core values.

Without them, we wouldn’t feel a need to reach for goals or even set them in the first place.

It’s Time to Set Your Personal Values

Knowing your personal values and why you hold each one is important for your personal life, social life, career, and moral compass.

Knowing this, it’s time to put together your personal value list! You can use these core personal values in all aspects of your life – and you’ll start to notice yourself improving in all aspects of your life.

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