Things to Consider When Pricing Up Decoration

In terms of being a homeowner, I am on the very first rung of the ladder having bought my very modest property just last year. The house in which I live is a very old house and with that comes some very old decorations around the house. When I first moved into the house I didn’t do any decorating on account of finances. This year however, I decided that it was time to splash some cash on making my home look that little bit brighter.

I have become quite obsessed with home design in the last 6 months, regularly looking at decorating hacks on YouTube, taking tips from experts like Gary Friedman and I have joined numerous groups on Facebook which are dedicated to home design. The most important part of your decoration, is the financial aspect of it, and here is what you should be considering when pricing up your options.

DIY or Recruit

Not everyone is able to decorate by themselves and in terms of cost considerations, deciding on whether or not you will hire a professional will change the amount of money which you need. If you are looking to save some money, I would recommend that you do the lion’s share of the decorating yourself, as professionals do not come cheap. I you do decorate on your own, you can check out plenty of online tutorials which will talk you through what you need to do.


Unless you have previously bought equipment which you will need to decorate, you need to consider exactly what you will need for the job. This could include anything from paint brushes or rollers, wallpapering equipment such as a table and the necessary accessories, or if you are doing something on a bigger scale, you may need to think about buying some tools to help you out. Everything costs money and equipment to do the job is absolutely necessary, so you will need to factor it in.


There is no point, at this early stage, in deciding exactly what kind of paint or wallpaper you will buy. The best course of action here is to decide where you will paint, where you will place wallpaper, and have an idea about colors and patterns. In truth, you will be far better served if you think about how much money you are prepared to spend on this project, and then buy the paint or paper according to your budget.

Additional Features

If you want to add some pictures or some furniture to you decorating, you need to have this in your mind when you are working out your budget, and factor in some costs for these items. With this being said, always remember that you can add these kids of features once you have finished decorating, even a few months afterwards when you have some more cash at your disposal.

Budget first, and then go get the stuff you need.