Relaxation with a capital R

Airport hotel

Relaxation is the true meaning of a holiday. Whilst some go away to party until the early hours, never seeing the light of day, some go to live it up in theme parks for two weeks, exhausted at the end of every evening, and others go for adventure, trekking up mountains and walking for miles, I prefer to kick back, chill-out and watch the world go by.

Work can be stressful, and dreaming of endless oceans, white sand between your toes and the glistening sun caressing our skin is what gets most of us through a dark, depressing winter; I know that’s what I dream of during the never ending slog of January!

It’s for this reason, during one of those long Januarys, that I decided last year’s summer holiday, would be a complete and utter relaxation-fest, and that I would go out of my way to avoid the airport stress and travel hell that has plagued a few of my previous jaunts overseas.

So I got to work and discovered the wonderful world of airport extras, including airport parking, saving money on those expensive taxis and the stress and hassle of public transports; airport lounges, meaning an altogether more relaxing airport experience; and my personal favourite – an overnight stay with

For relaxation with a capital R, which is what we’re aiming for, a night in an airport hotel prior to flying gives you the precious gift of time – time to chill out, time to have a nice meal, time to have a leisurely warm shower, time to get extra sleep before your flight. All in all, I found the whole experience unbeatable, and my holiday began with me smiling, rather than stressed out and shouting at people to get out of my way.

I stayed at one of the great value Stansted Airport hotels from the first time I booked an airport hotel, and I was surprised that it didn’t cost me the earth; in fact it was surprisingly cheap! The standard of service when I arrived was far from cheap, and the hotel surprised me with its comfortable surroundings and, you guessed it, relaxing atmosphere – just what the doctor ordered. If you’re heading out of Heathrow at all this summer, search for Heathrow hotels, and peruse the range available; with something for every budget, there’s sure to be one for you.

Of course, no matter where you’re flying from, be it north of the border, regionally or from the major London and countrywide international airports, there will be something for you, be it a larger range at the bigger airports, to a few select establishments at the smaller ones. If you’re flying out of Luton, London’s smaller, regional airport, you might think you’d miss out, however you’d be wrong, with a range of Luton Airport hotels to choose from, all at great prices.

My research on how to make my holiday start and end in a more relaxing way, to match the in-between part of my trip, was more successful than I could ever have imagined, and I now make sure every time I want rest, recuperation and relaxation from a holiday, I book an airport hotel for that perfect start.