Things That You Simply Must Do in Vegas

Las Vegas is literally Disney World for adults, there is nowhere on the planet which offers so much in such a small area as this tiny little strip of desert does and if you haven’t been yet, then it is high time you went. Vegas is packed with things to do, places to see and adventures to be had and there are a certain set of activities which you just cannot leave Vegas before you have done them. Let’s take a look at some of the essentials which you simply must do on a trip to Vegas in order to maximize your fun there.


If for nothing else, Vegas is famous for its casinos and a trip there wouldn’t be complete without at last laying down a few dollars on one of the casino floors. The casinos in Vegas are in the hotels and although it may seem strange to go and spend an evening in another hotel, that’s how things go down here. There are opportunities to gamble everywhere whether it be a craps table at Caesar’s Palace, a slot machine in the local Subway or a high rolling poker table at Circus Circus, set yourself a little limit and go and gamble the night away.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyons a huge national park around 2 hours away from Vegas which comprises of a huge canyon which has been carved out by the Colorado River. This natural spectacle is best seen from the sky and you can easily find a tour company who will offer helicopter and small plane rides over the top of the canyon. The Grand Canyon will take out a fair portion of your day so you should go on a day trip and see more attractions on other days. Flying over the Grand Canyon will leave you awe-struck and it is certainly something which you should experience during your trip to Vegas.

See a Show

Vegas is not only a gambling capital but it is also a prime place for entertainment and has a rich history of entertainers showing off their skills on the Las Vegas stages. Right the way back to the Rat Pack and Elvis, Vegas is where the best in entertainment go to prove themselves, or to entertain huge crowds. Here in Vegas you can see magic shows from the likes of Penn & Teller and Criss Angel, you can see top musicians like Elton John, Rod Stewart or Celine Dion and you can see fantastic stage and gymnastic shows like the Cirque de Soleil. There is so many options for you in Vegas that you should make some time to take in at least one show. You don’t have to go and see the big names either, those looking to cut their teeth in the industry also play on the stages of Vegas and you may be able to catch the next big thing in the World of entertainment.