Air Conditioner Buying Guide

The world of air conditioners can be confusing. With so many different types on the market, all that do different things, it can be difficult to know which one is best for you.

To help, we’ve broken down the most common types of air conditioners, to help you to work out what the best one is for you.

Split System Air Conditioner

A split system air conditioner is made up of two parts. One part sits on the outside of your home to exhaust the heat out, whilst the other part sits inside. With the ability to pick and choose which rooms you wish to cool, you are provided a greater amount of flexibility. It’s also reasonably low cost to install.

However, these types of air conditioners can be bulky, so if you’re all about the aesthetics of your home, you might wish to choose something slightly less prominent.

Reverse System Air Conditioner

A reverse system air conditioner is really beneficial, as not only does it provide cooling options, but heating ones as well. This is great if you find it gets cold in winter, because you can use your air conditioner to heat up your rooms. This can be cost saving in the long run because you don’t need to buy two systems to heat and cool seperately, just the one that does both.

Inverter System Air Conditioner

Whilst these types of air conditioners are more expensive, they can be quieter and cheaper to run. An inverter system air conditioner varies the air temperature, rather than stopping and starting as required. This can help to reach the desired room temperature far quicker than other types of air conditioner.

Multi System Air Conditioner

A multi system air conditioner allows you to have the system in multiple rooms in your house, rather than just one. It works by having multiple indoor units connected to a single outdoor condenser. However, these often work from just one control station, which means all rooms will be at the same temperature; it is not possible to do individual room temperatures. If you have some members of the family who are always cold, and some who are always hot, then this might not be for you.