Best & Brightest B2B Platforms for Salesforce

Salesforce is an integral part of how over 100,000 businesses around the world do customer relationship management. In fact, Salesforce it the top CRM worldwide. Due to its immense popularity and usability, it only makes sense that other platforms are basing their services off Salesforce. Here are the best and brightest B2B platforms for Salesforce, which are revolutionizing the business world in mind-blowing ways.


As one of the most innovative companies utilizing the Salesforce platform, CloudCraze is generating a lot of attention in the business world. CloudCraze is a B2B commerce system that helps businesses quickly create a scalable e-store. The reason why CloudCraze is popular with many brands is because its integration with Salesforce gives businesses a detailed look at their customers. By using CloudCraze, companies are able to conduct B2B transactions and gain invaluable insights from anywhere in the world.


Kenandy provides businesses with an extremely effective cloud ERP solution built on Salesforce. The ability to implement a supply chain ERP with Kenandy in a matter of a few weeks as opposed to potentially years on legacy platforms makes it one of the most appealing cloud ERPs out there. Kenandy’s cloud ERP is one of the best because it integrates data into easily understandable metrics that can help businesses see their bottom line in a whole new way. It also lets organizations automate certain basic tasks, which can save money in addition to limiting errors. From global accounting to distribution, Kenandy’s cloud ERP can take your company’s workflow to new heights, while also saving on operational expenses.


ServiceMax is an interesting B2B platform build on Salesforce that helps companies manage their field teams. Anyone who owns or manages a business that employs a large number of field technicians knows how difficult it is to keep tabs on employee activity. ServiceMax is changing that, with an impressive lineup of features including Internet-of-Things Integration, parts management and in-field invoicing. It even automatically schedules, dispatches and plans routes for field technicians. Able to boast that it makes field teams 30 percent more profitable, it’s easy to see why so many businesses are using ServiceMax.


As the top B2B content marketing software, Kapost knows how to help businesses build their digital exposure. One way Kapost does this is by offering a wide array of product integrations, which all work together to create a living marketing ecosystem. By bringing your staff and applications all onto one intuitive platform, Kapost is helping to streamline businesses and create better content marketing outcomes.


It can be challenging for a growing business to keep all its staff engaged and on the same page—especially if some are working remotely. Simpplr helps companies overcome this by offering a company intranet that allows for employees to collaborate in user-friendly ways. By using Simpplr, businesses have been able to increase reported employee engagement by an incredible 253 percent!


Finally, 4C is one of the more intriguing names on this list. As opposed to offering a specific service on the Salesforce platform like the other names on this list, 4C helps customers integrate their business onto Salesforce. Since Salesforce is such a popular CRM provider, it makes sense that 4C is blazing its own trail simply by giving customers highly effective solutions that encourage growth.

These are just a few of the top providers of B2B platforms based on Salesforce. While not all of them make sense for every business, for the right ones, they can help increase productivity and profitability.