Five Summer Makeover Ideas for your Bathroom

The idea of a bathroom makeover might strike fear into the hearts of cost-conscious home owners, conjuring up visions of a full-blown and costly renovation. But don’t panic, you would be amazed at what can be done by expending just a few hours of your time and a little money.

Here are five ideas for giving your bathroom a new lease of life this summer.


Good quality bathroom tiles are the most affordable and versatile tools at your disposal when it comes to making a big difference from a minimal outlay. Whether you decide to completely renew the walls and floors or just add some coloured tiles to create an interesting mosaic effect, or perhaps create a combination of tiles and glass for an unusual mirror alternative, the options are almost limitless.

Tiles are also extremely practical, as they are so hard wearing, long lasting and easy to keep clean.


You can never have too many mirrors in a bathroom from the perspective of practicality, but they can also be great for providing additional light and a sense of space, particularly in a smaller bathroom. Mirrors help to maximise the natural light, promoting a sunny and summery bathroom feel.

A large wall mirror is great, but do not overlook the effect that even small free-standing vanity mirrors can have on the room as a whole.

A sense of the great outdoors

Giving your bathroom a summer makeover does not have to involve DIY work. Consider some pot plants, an indoor tree or even just a luxuriant vase of flowers, to add a sense of natural summer time to your smallest room.

If you decide to make a more long-term investment in some plants, get some expert advice on choosing ones that will thrive in the warmth and humidity of a bathroom, and you could soon have your very own slice of the tropical rainforest.

Art and decoration

When brightening up other rooms in the house, one of the first things you are likely to do is add some framed prints or family photos to the walls. Yet for some reason, the bathroom always seems to miss out.

That is a shame, because some bright, decorative wall art of any type can rejuvenate your bathroom and really bring it to life, as well as providing an interesting conversation point for visitors.

Soft furnishings and accessories

You would be amazed at just how big a difference a new set of towels can make to the overall look of a bathroom. If yours are getting a little long in the tooth, now could be the time to replace them with some new, luxurious cotton ones in bright summery colours.

The most minor details can have a major impact on the overall look of your bathroom too, so remember to also update the smaller accessories that come to hand and that are extremely inexpensive, such as lamp shades, soap dispensers, tissue boxes and even the waste bin.