Take a Cycling Holiday Tour of Holland

Bikes in Amsterdam by Claudio.Ar (creative commons)

Having no boss can mean not earning a wage so here at The Zero Boss, we like to give you cheap and economical travel ideas that will help to stretch your budget. This post gives just one example of a cheap and exciting way to travel around Holland. You could just as easily take the points in this post and apply them to any other country.

Holland is a small European country that is huge on history and great places to visit.  Why bother with a car tour when you can just as easily navigate the country by taking a cycling holiday instead?  As well as being economical, there are many reasons why this is a great way to travel, and the benefits are numerous. before you leave get vouchers for Hotels.com to ensure that you are not missing out on a great deal. The following are some of the benefit s of a cycling tour of Holland:

• Go Green – there is no better source of transportation for the environment than bicycles because they do not leave a carbon footprint.  No form of cycling requires any type of combustible engine that can release carbon into the air.  In fact, human energy is the only form of power that is required to get the cycle moving.

• Exercise – what is better than taking a fantastic holiday to a new country?  Not coming home with an extra few pound that have to be shed.  Taking a cycling tour of Holland means that you are not only seeing all the sights without messing up the environment, but you are also working out.  This is the healthiest form of holiday you can take.  If you have children, you can either rent a child carrier or use a tandem bike that allows them to rest when they get tired.

Cycling in Holland

• Quality Travel – when you ride a bike on a tour of Holland, you can take as much time as you want to see all the sights.  There is no need to worry about getting caught up in traffic jams or to miss sights because you are driving too fast.  Instead, you can have quality travel time and see as much of the country as you want.

• Small Country – Because Holland is such a small country you can choose a week or two weeks to take your cycling tour and still see everything.  You can stop in Amsterdam for a few days and take in all the museums or travel the countryside staying and bed and breakfasts.  Many who cycle this country just enjoy making their way from one village to the next.

Any holiday can be a great way to get away from home for some fun and to the see the sights.  Flights to Holland are cheap and you can even save with Lastminute discount codes on accommodation. Why waste money hiring a car, that guzzles petrol and pollutes the air when you can take a cycling tour of Holland instead.  Shed some pounds and get a workout while you are visiting the museums and cultural spots. Holland is a very flat country too, and it is alive with canals and pathways to cycle. Another interesting thing in Holland is that they also have vending machines that offer you beer! It is a very unique country to visit, and on a bike, you can really have the time of your life it is simply amazing to take in the scenery of the country. Holland is a fantastic haven for cyclers to visit. Make sure to make the most of your trip there.