10 SEO trends for 2017 and why we need to pay attention.

Search Engines aren’t what they used to be and brands need to keep up with the evolving SEO movement. Arming yourself with the write strategy at the right time through the perfect channel is key to gaining the upper hand on your competitors. Here are the SEO trends that will elevate the digital space in incredibly sophisticated ways.

1. Mobile Pages in Motion

Can a mobile page load instantly on mobile devices? Can your site load at lightning speed using considerably less data? Well, with the right kind of structural tweaking known as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPS), your site could become a firm favourite in the eyes of Google. Among the surge of websites fighting for readers’ attention, your AMPs will give you a distinct advantage among your competitors.

2. Compress the content

Bite-sized content seems to be competing with the weight of “The Lengthy Article”. The prediction is leaning to a combination of the two. People want the content but they want it in a way that is compact and easy to read. Creativity is needed on the part of webmasters to satisfy this need and if efficient design meets good content, your readers will not feel starved of information.

3. Computers with Artificial intelligence

The basis of machine learning suggests that computer programs will change automatically once new data is detected. This means that certain systems will be created that can decipher users search enquiries in a more thorough and meaningful way. In fact, Google Hummingbird provides this very function. It takes into account the whole sentence, the conversation or meaning of each word of the query. Ultimately, it’s not what you say but also what you mean.

4. Give your brand a personal touch

A powerful online brand is a great strategy to engage with your audience and ultimately, drive more traffic to your website. Strategies such as blogging, the effective use of Twitter, business social media networking, online video or online presentation are all effective ways of building the brands reputation and popularity. Take advantage of these platforms to grow your business and make sure you have the right strategy in place.

5. It’s all about the User Experience

An important question to ask is: Is the sight entertaining? This can be determined by how much time users are spending on a particular page. How users interact with certain sites (UEO) is merging with how your site ranks (SEO). This consideration sees more companies focusing on its site’s credibility, accessibility and value.

6.  Apps get an honourable mention

On April 21, 2015, Google announced their mobile friendly ranking algorithm which means our search results will include a more mobile friendly website. Mobile search now includes app results thus broadening the search potential for mobile users. Words like app indexing, deep linking and app streaming will be common phrases used among SEO agencies so keep a keen watch on this interesting trend.

7) Web Apps Power

Progressive Web Apps is an interactive experience where the best of web meets the best of apps. PWA’s capture the users behaviour to create a more personal experience. It fits any desktop or mobile tablet. It can work offline, it’s always up to date and best of all – no installation or download is required.

8) All hail SIRI

Personal Digital Assistants will simplify your life as they can help sift through the clutter of your files and data and find exactly what you’re looking for with tremendous speed and accuracy. The context of your search query takes precedence and allows for a more focused and advanced search. “Siri, find me solar window films”.

9). Cross-channel marketing

Get your brand’s message across multiple channels. The key to successful cross-channel marketing is to utilise the different channels while still maintaining a consistent brand presence. A business needs to keep up with their consumers needs and habits. Armed with a strong brand message across different devices and platforms makes for increased brand awareness and gives you the opportunity to understand your market a little better.

10) Mobile take over.

With the increase in smartphone use we’ll begin to see a shift from Desktop to Mobile. Brands could view it as a threat or they could take hold of this opportunity to allow consumers to enjoy content in new and exciting ways.

This doesn’t mean you should reject strategies, ignore desktop use or compress content within an inch of its life. Rather, it should incite you to embrace the imaginative way that SEO has evolved to help strengthen your brand and start a conversation.