What to Include in Excellent SEO Content

Excellent SEO Content can help your site rise in the rankings

Once upon a time, search engine optimization (SEO) was all about writing a couple of articles sprinkled with keywords and placing them in the right places. Today, however, you need a complete SEO strategy if you want this to have any effect. The core of this strategy is still article writing, however, although the focus is far more on high quality and making sure that the content is 100% relevant to your website.

It’s Still all about the Keywords

Professional content writers have to be aware of the dos and don’ts in terms of keywords, while at the same time making sure that their readers are able to understand the subject matter that is presented to them. The keywords have to be relevant to the search that is being completed, of course. Keywords are the key to a successful SEO strategy and to make sure the content is correct, because this is what will determine whether it is relevant.

You must think about what keywords of key-phrases people are likely to use if they want to find you, and those are the ones that you must place within the content. But you also have to think about where they have to be placed. This includes the body of the text, naturally, but also in the title tags. This is what makes the life of a search engine robot easier and ensures they are able to properly index your page.

However, it isn’t as easy as simply writing a page full of the same keyword. This is known as ‘keyword stuffing’ and is a big no-no for the robots. In fact, this will get you penalized because you will be classed as a spammer. Best case scenario is that you get ignored. Worst case is that you are banned from the search engines for life.

Writing Quality Content

To write content as part of an SEO strategy, you must ensure that the subject matter is relevant, and the content is of high quality. The goal of your text is to attract visitors to a website, which will never work if the content is written in poor quality language, or if it is immaterial. An SEO content writer has certain rules and limitations placed on them, and they must follow a strict set of guidelines if they want to increase their page ranking. If they stick to those rules, the robots will love the content.

Besides having to write content that is relevant and of high quality, it should also be fresh. Furthermore, websites need to have new content, focusing on different subjects, every once in a while. This creates greater authority. The higher someone’s authority, the higher they are ranked on the search results.

All of this is a lot of work, which is why it is hugely important to work with professionals. They know what the search engine robots do and don’t want, and what is and is not accepted. Get it wrong, and the consequences could be severe. But get it right, and you will have yourself an authority website for your business.